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CJHS presents author/photographer Andrew Feiler: The Rosenwald schools - Shared screen with speaker view
Batya Gilbert-Koplow
how do you spell this club?
Maureen Shea
Caxton Club: Please keep streaming on Zoom! I’m not in Chicago too often, but I enjoy the lectures. Thanks!
Susan Meschel
I found the link,Susan
miriam kahn
That sounds like what Andrew Carnegie required for public library construction in the same era.
Michael Greenberg
What is the total amount invested by Rosenwald to construct all the school houses? Why did all these close?
Batya Gilbert-Koplow
Skokie Public Library bought the book at my request. I it read over the weekend. It looks to me that a good percentage of the schools were funded by the local churches. Is this correct. These schools were built before prayer was banned from schools
Martin Miretzky
What was the amount of the fellowships?
Caryn Finkelstein
Question:Were you aware of Aviva Kempner’s film about Julius Rosenwald and if so, how did it influence your work?
Eric Gordon
Is there evidence of active anti-Semitism in these communities—from KKK and organized white nationalist forces, or even from within the Black community?
Batya Gilbert-Koplow
1) How many cities that had Rosenwald schools had Jewish owed stores? 2) Did any of these store owners contribute to the building of these schools publiclly
Amy F. (she/her)
You mentioned the 9x9 windows. Were there other architectural rules or set floor plans a la the Sears kit homes Rosenwald knew well, or was it largely driven by the local community?
Andrew Feiler
Book: https://www.andrewfeiler.com/books
Ann Clemons
I want to thank Marshall Jacobson for letting me know about this presentation. Fascinating. I attended a Rosenwald School, which has a Historical Marker in a small rural town, Atmore, AL. Sadly, the school is in disrepair I think the generation that knows the background of the Rosenwald school, no longer lives in Alabama or has joined the heavenly realm.
Ann Clemons
Yes, I will be getting your book.
Batya Gilbert-Koplow
rosewald had a calculation of how he contributed t o each school very little came from him each community had to contribute more than 50%
John P Chalmers
Carnegie Library funding by communities:“Funding was in extremely high demand, as few public libraries had dedicated spaces of their own. Carnegie began to use a formula to determine which of the many requests he would fund. Rather than endowing libraries, Carnegie required each town to contribute ten percent of the annual funding to its library, supply its own building site, and provide free service to the public.”https://dp.la/exhibitions/history-us-public-libraries/carnegie-libraries/funding-carnegie-libraries?item=1429
Batya Gilbert-Koplow
1) How many cities that had Rosenwald schools had Jewish owed stores? 2) Did any of these store owners contribute to the building of these schools publiclly
Rachelle Gold
Why were there no Rosenwald Schools in the north and west?
Michael Greenberg
Thank you. Great presentation. Need to leave now.
Batya Gilbert-Koplow
Rosenwald was highly influenced by washingtons advice.
Jerry Meites
I have just checked for your book on the Chicago Public Library website. Four copies are available, all at neighborhood libraries in overwhelmingly black areas of the city. Is this typical in your experience? I certainly think it is important for white people to know about this story as well as black communities who are much more likely to know something about it already. More broadly, how have you been conveying this story to people of all races?
Cheryl Ziegler
Your images are stunning! Thank you for a wonderful presentation and this important book.
Andrew Feiler
jan elson
Glad that CPL finally has it. I had been checking for several months.
Andrew Feiler
Books: https://www.andrewfeiler.com/books Exhibitions: https://www.andrewfeiler.com/exhibitions
Helene Gayle
Love the book!! What do you think we could learn from the example of the Rosenwald schools that could create positive change today
Susan McFaul
Excellent presentation! Learned so many new things!
Helene Gayle
Can i ask one more question?