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Remembering Bob Together - Shared screen with speaker view
Frances Seymour
I think I saw Marge Miles raising her hand
Frances Seymour
Thanks so much to all of you for your wonderful memories of my father. They have meant a lot to us. So sorry that we can't all be together in person.
The youth of Binkley know how to ski because of Dr. Seymour who encouraged annual youth group ski trips.
Dianne Hall
To the Seymour Family- May God surround you with his love, comfort, strength, and courage for today and all the days to come. Blessings.
To echo my aunt, it has been a pleasure to hear all of your memories of my Papa. Thank you for sharing, and truly wish we could all be there in person to see so many of you that I’ve had the pleasure of knowing most of my life through the church. Thank you, so much.
While trying to track down a wayward Crop Walk contribution I corresponded with Mae McLendon and her daughter Anissa.. Anissa found the contribution and reported that one of the checks came from Bob Seymour. Then Mae chimed in that her Mom and Bob served on an early IFC Board. She added, "All of us feel Rev. Seymour’s loss,"