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AERO Conference - June 2022 - Shared screen with speaker view
Heidi Souza
Congratulations on finding your calling, Willow!
Every little word of encouragement makes such a big difference, thank you. :D
Yes, “The child is the father of the man.” The other quote is like is: THE LONGEST JOURNEY IN LIFE IS THE 18 INCHES FROM THE MIND TO THE HEART.
BY COINCIDENCE: In the MIRACLE WORKER which is about the awakening of Helen Keller. When Annie Sullivan placed Helen’s hand under a water pump and finger spelled W-A-T-E-R - Helen’s first word was WA-WA.
Samantha Kifer
I love the idea of Radical Rest
Samantha Kifer
You can't do good work when you're burnt out!
Michael Conley
self care is radical. But it's not always what we think it is, in my experience
What do you think about Ecovillages?Don't you think it's a model answering most of the problems we have?
Can you imagine if 5 year olds were asked about their ideas for climate change and had better ideas than many adults? I mentioned 4 year olds came up with better ideas using Design Thinking for a child playground renovation that were chosen over adult professionals.
Sabrina (HoustonEd.org)
Nicely answered!
Black women "need a continuous platform to exercise our voice, not just a place to exist." YES! That is so important for marginalized people in general, spaces to exercise voice, and I have not had that myself until this conference where I feel like I can just write and connect with people and exercise my voice even though I haven't even met yet. How do we make sure people GET a platform where they can express their voice? This might go back to my interest in the philosophy of the internet... is Instagram a platform for effectively expressing our voice? What kind of environment makes a good platform? How does social media these days prevent us from having platforms for effectively exercising our voice (I think it does...)? How can we create *communities* and online communities that effectively give marginalized people the best possible platform for exercising their voice?
Kay Augustine (she, her, hers)
Thank you—I think that is something that we haven't addressed as much--what are the skill sets or supports that youth need not to just start a passion-based organization or event, but how to “build the base" so they don't get so drowned by the day-to-day.
I love that, Kayley. It makes a lot of sense. Radical rest in any activism is so so important. We go through cycles, like seasons of the year, and sometimes we need more time in winter season, resting and reflecting.
Jane Talkington
My greatest professor delivered his last lecture around one word: PONDER. He said it was not meditating, over thinking, studying . . . but just the “radical rest” approach of PONDERING.
Jane Talkington
An environmental author who saw social justice as the flip side of environmentalism: https://www.amazon.com/Blessed-Unrest-Largest-Movement-Restoring/dp/0143113658/ref=sr_1_1?crid=3DSW4FQWKMJZ9&keywords=blessed+unrest&qid=1656167078&s=books&sprefix=blessed+unrest%2Cstripbooks%2C132&sr=1-1
I love Jerry's question about rest and how that connects to an educational paradigm that's about people pursuing their interests and doing what they love. In a world that was based on these educational paradigms would activists need that kind of rest? Fascinating to ponder. Highly recommend the book Pleasure Activism by Adrienne Maree Brown, it speaks to these questions for me.
A great approach to creating meaningful change is to use HUMOR. Humor has been called the most powerful political weapon that there is. A good and fun way to bring black and white people together - can be a MOTHER to MOTHER and a SISTA to SISTA program. YouTube channels can easily be set up where mothers and kids together can share their ideas together. There could even be the favorite Kid’s Climate Change - Jokes. Does anyone have a climate change joke?
Liza Loop
@Kayley, do you think there would be climate education in affluent Black schools?
that was a great answer!
Kay Augustine (she, her, hers)
I believe that one of the roles adults can take is to link students within their social network and help them start building their own.
Michael Conley
that student strike was tremendously powerful in Europe but the media told it in a positive light. Guerrila theater also has a great impact
Kurt Krueger
The Intersection of Beliefs, the Arts and Transformation,https://youtu.be/VjrcdvDCSrc, Rodney Wittenberg, Jonathon Sprout, Phyllis Chapell., Vic Compfer, David Heitler-Klevans, Day 196
Jane Talkington
Michael Conley
Ecovillages is an idea similar to a movement that i really love: Transition. Transition Towns are based on an idea of permaculture. Deep and doable on a number of different levels
Jane Talkington
Urban ecovillage: https://laecovillage.org/
Kay Augustine (she, her, hers)
You may all know this, so if so I apologize, but there are such amazing resources in the chat. You can save the chat to your computer using the 3 little dots next to the smiley face where you would write a chat. I'm not getting all these written down they are coming so fast and I want to just listen.
Maribel Garcia
Thanks Kayley!!!
Phill Fulton
Thank you Kayley
Kay Augustine (she, her, hers)
Thanks Kayley!