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An Evening with Mayor Tadatoshi Akiba - Shared screen with speaker view
Hiroki Nankanishi
What kind of role can Hiroshima play for insentivising China for joining a dialogue/negotiation for nuclear arms control and disarmament? Specifically, how can we ensure the U.S. President Joe Biden, Chinese President Xi Jinping's participations (and all leaders of the state possessing nuclear weapons or seeking nuclear weapons: Russia, U.K., France, India, Pakistan, Israel, Iran, DPRK and others) in the Peace Memorial Ceremony in Hiroshima?
Hiroki Nankanishi
What do you expect new Prime Minister Fumio Kishida for achieving a world without nuclear weapons and how does Hiroshima (specifically, the civil society) assist or cooperate with him (or him administration)?
Hiroki Nankanishi
Achieving a world without nuclear weapons, as new Prime Minister of Japan Fumio Kishida states, the TPNW (even the participation in the TPNW Contracting Party Meeting as an observer) would not be a good (first) step because none of the nuclear weapon states don’t support the treaty. Consider the Japanese government position, as the Minister for Foreign Affairs of Japan Toshimitsu Motegi states, that a good nuclear arms control and disarmament step should be the one makes the nuclear weapon states get involved, how about taking, as an alternative, an incremental approach such as rebuilding a lost Intermediate Nuclear Forces (INF) Treaty framework in the way of including China (and other state possessing nuclear weapons: P5, India, Pakistan, Iran, DPRK etc.)?
Gretchen Alther, CPDCS
Please share your questions in the Q&A and I will pass them along to Mayor AKiba. Thank you!
Hiroki Nankanishi
What is you expectation to the U.S. President Biden (NPR, the sole purpose nuclear deterence declaration, the deployment of intermediate ballistic missile in the Indo-Pacific, strategic stability dialogue, CTBT ratification, favorable actions to TPNW such as participation as an observer, JCPOA, DPRK denuclearization etc.)?
Barbara Birkett
THank you Mayor Akiba for all your work.
Emily Rubino
Thank you so much, Mayor Akiba and Gretchen!
Gretchen Alther, CPDCS
Thank you for joining us today, everyone. This session has been recorded and will be available on our website int he next couple of days
Mariana Fernández
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Mariana Fernández
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Mariana Fernández