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Fenway Civic Association 59th Annual Meeting - Shared screen with speaker view
Kelly Brilliant
Can we get this Parks Presentation as an email attachment or link?
Marie Fukuda
Yes, this portion of the program is being recorded and we will make sure it is put up on the site or shared.
Nadela, Empower Succees Corps
If you have any questions during the presentations, please place them here in the chat. Please note: any unanswered questions will be addressed and uploaded to the FCA website at a later date.
Erica Holm, Emerald Necklace Conservancy
The BPRD Bee newsletter is great! Thanks Ryan.
Jean Connaughton & Dee Kumar
Thank you, Commissioner Woods and Parks Dept! This year our family is more grateful than ever for all of our beautiful parks in the neighborhood :)
Leslie Pond
For Ryan Woods - the pathways restoration is wonderful news. To what extent do you anticipate that green (stormwater) infrastructure, including permeable pavement, will be considered or prioritized?
Erica Holm, Emerald Necklace Conservancy
Excited to plant trees with you in the future, Councilor!
Kathleen McBride
To Jay Livingstone: do you feel the Climate Bill has enough support to pass even if it means overriding the Governor?
Marie Fukuda
For Kenzie- How can the funding for some climate initiatives such as bioswales effectively plan for and incorporate both the costs of implementing and maintaining them? Capital always seems to be one issue and the longer term another, which then limits improvements to privately held assets.
Leslie Pond
Kenzie - this is great! I wonder if it would be helpful to put climate front and center and calling it Boston Climate Corps? I believe Biden is calling for a Civilian Climate Corps. Also, might this include increasing solar siting in Boston?
Quinn Valcich - Clr Flaherty's Office
Thank you all, and again please do not hesitate to reach out to our office if we can be of any assistance, michael.flaherty@boston.gov
Erica Holm, Emerald Necklace Conservancy
Thank you all!
Nadela, Empower Succees Corps
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