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CoreNet Global ATL DAC Event - Successful Talent Strategies for an Evolving Workforce - Shared screen with speaker view
Wendy Padrutt
Hi everyone! Please type any questions you have for the panelists into the chat. Thank you.
Lynlee Garmon
As we approach the Q&A section of our program, please feel free to share questions with everyone or directly with Wendy Padrutt in the chat feature. Thanks!
Vik Bangia
Great to see everyone (Hi Kerry!) A diversity initiative fails if it only exists below the first or second level of management. If that's the case, the company's reputational risk is high because worse than having no diversity program, is having one that is patronizing and doesn't create a true cultural and mindset change. I'd like to know the panelists perspectives on this and if and how they see it evolving. Thanks - Vik
Interesting program. Thank you!
scott kirk
Thank you.
Suzanne Maynard
Wonderful Program!
Will Kurz
Thanks everyone!