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Governor's Resilient Louisiana Task Force Final Approval Meeting - Shared screen with speaker view
Welcome to this PUBLIC MEETING and please mute your phone if you are not speaking to the group
Scott Podvin
Thank you for posting the document. It makes it much easier to follow the comments.
DNunez OMNIResearch
I would like to address the committee when the time is right .
DNunez OMNIResearch
Governor has asked us to think out of the Box, and to be collaborative. I think others that can contribute and have expertise in the design of the type of fund that Alden outlined should be included in those discussions. I would hope that LBA would be receptive to other , entrepreneurial as well as academic experts to help create solutions.
Scott Podvin
Other jurisdictions, when it comes to affordable housing, have contributed land and/or given tax abatements to incentivize developers to build such projects.
Scott Podvin
In addition, several jurisdictions have made changes to the land use and zoning code requiring affordable housing to be included in mixed use residential projects.
Scott Podvin
We should think about adding bonus language for building affordable housing in opportunity zones, perhaps with early payout to the contractors - to protect the construction industry while taking care of the most needy in terms of housing.