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Anti-Indigenous Racism in Healthcare - A Canadian Perspective During COVID-19 - Shared screen with speaker view
Melanie Osmack
Stamped from the beginning
Melanie Osmack
medical apartheid
Melanie Osmack
Before we close, I wanted to invite all attendees to consider becoming members of IPAC. We have 4 membership types: Physicians, Residents, Students, and Associates. More info here https://www.ipac-amac.ca/membership
Evan Adams
The Western healthcare system doesn't have strong patient feedback systems, I think. Indigenous communities have little say in how doctors work. In BC, we are trying to address that - have Indigenous leaders affect how doctors practice. I think that it is hard for doctors who are often independent contractors and not used to significant feedback like most workers get.
Nel Wieman
Meegwetch everyone. Be well.