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Coffee and Conversation | 1 Thessalonians - Shared screen with speaker view
Marie Corwin
Can you expand on the concept of "nurse"
Randy Brown
There are more attendees than will fit on a screen, so during the general conversation please enter your comments or questions in the chat or use the zoom ‘reactions’ to raise your hand electronically. If you simply wave your hand at your camera, we may not see you.
Merrilee Mitchell
With Constantine, we began “going to church” rather than “being the church.”
Randy Brown
Someone once said (more or less) anyone who insists there is no morality, no right nor wrong, can be easily refuted by punching them in the nose and asking why they feel that your action was wrong. Gentleness tells us that “winning” an argument in that way doesn’t usually end up by convincing someone.
Michael Stewart
a little later than that, late 300's (monasticism)
Karen Erickson
Will we align with the Gospel or with power and privilege.
Merrilee Mitchell
The “Christian” voices of those critical of people on the margins is the greatest impediment for me to share the gospel today. Non-Christians appear to care more for the people on the margins that Xns do.