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John Bloomfield
For Q&A you can ask directly or type your question here and I will read it for you.
mary jane dodd
thanks, john, this does or does not need to be read. i am on the board of the shark river clean up coalition - a watchdog group for the shark river watershed in nj. we work with the littoral society to tag horseshoe crabs. but would very much like to be more involved and join the coalition. we actively work to educate folks about the horse crabs and their importance. if we could be doing more, we definitely want to do so - if you could send that along to someone (or to you!) thanks - mary jane
John Bloomfield
Mary Jane - Thanks for your interest. We’ll follow up with you offline.
mary jane dodd
thank you
Heather Sparks
Heather Sparks, here, from Revive & Restore. There is a synthetic substitute available today—rFC. We’re not looking for a substitute. We’re helping to remove the barriers to the adoption of rFC. Thank you!
The American Littoral Society
The American Littoral Society
1-877-WARNDEP and the WarnNJDEP app are routes to get info reported to the State
Frederic Leist
Could satellite surveys supplement the current aerial ones, as has started happening with penguins in the Antarctic?
Corina - GA Audubon
Has the Science and Stewardship working group started meeting yet?
Frederic Leist
Larry, David, and John, thank you all very much for this presentation. I left Maryland in '87, and had no idea the decline in horseshoe crabs was so severe.
John Bloomfield
Any further questions contact us at info@hscrabrecovery.org
Sandy A
No, just thank you.