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Knowledge Cafe - Ticketing in the COVID-19 World - Shared screen with speaker view
Keith Parker
Hi Everyone many thanks for joining us this morning trying times for everyone but know that the Board are still lobbying with Govt to ensure that our voices are heard.
Megan Coyle
Keen to ask all ticketing agencies how they feel about venues being sent invoices for ticketing charges incurred by promoters?
Frances McElhinney
Morena, I'm looking for some assurances moving forward - can the ticketing companies gaurantee that the funds are held in Trust...if they are representing to us that they hold the funds in Trust. then are they open to providing an audit report?
Kirsty Skomski
I can not believe Ticket rocket are still able to operate as a ticketing company
Nelita Byrne
There is a difference between a Trust account where the funds are held and ring fenced for ticket purchasers until the event is held to getting an audit report from any business
Kirsty Skomski
If there is a venue that has contract with a ticketing organisation that can not display satisfactory protection of funds do promoters have any options in this instance other than finding a different venue - for theatres companies this may not always be an option as they require theatres?
Catriona Angus
Do the majority of venues have the ticketing monies sit with the ticketing agencies or with the venue?
Karyn Delves
Ticketing agent for us. Cash is banked to agency account.
Andrew Potvin
If anyone would like to chat more with iTICKET around the items chatted today, please do not hesitate to contact us. Reece@iticket.co.nz & andrew@iticket.co.nz
Catriona Angus
Thanks Karyn! We've just been discussing this alongside how to re-assure promoters that the monies are sat in trust, so just interested in the split across venues
Karine Legeay-Fisher
Well done EVANZ! you are doing a great job!
Sarahann du Plooy
Very informative, thank you!