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FLLT Conservation Update - Western Finger Lakes (Canandaigua and West) - Shared screen with speaker view
Lynn Klotz
Can you talk a little bit more about the farmland protection?
Joshua Murphy
I have noticed a disappearance of pearl muscles in honeoye, is there any work being done around this, or explanation? I understand they still live in nearby tributaries.
Pete Schwartz
any effort to reduce Canada geese?
Scott Forsyth
are you going to do anything to protect your properties against gypsy moths?
Joel Pasternack
Is it known if the decrease in birds is related to decrease in fish which serve as food?
Sally Napolitano
Is the FLLT concerned about drinking water?
Sonya Carnevale
if we create vernal pools, wetlands and retention ponds in agricultural areas, do we need to worry about HABs occurring within them and the effect of HABs on wildlife using them?
Ted Coffey
how do you work with municipalities who benefit from development and only see your efforts as taking property off their tax rolls
Marty & Cathy Gardner
Is there a feasible means for those lakeshore owners with developed but substantial amounts of frontage to conserve properties so the built footprint cannot be expanded, thus maintaining some open frontage and thereby areas to better filter runoff and protect the lakes?
Nick Kelly
Are you seeing local government shift their perspectives regarding development and preservation? For example, are you seeing local jurisdictions pursuing regulations to limit overdevelopment in prime natural resources areas through concepts such as Transferable Development Rights?
Susan Bechler
I have an interest in the rehab of some of our traditional villages, and that "old houses" be seen as more desirable. Any thoughts
Lynn Klotz
Excellent; thank you!
Nick Kelly
Thank you. Great presentation!