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District-Wide Meeting - Shared screen with speaker view
District Admin
Feel free to type questions in the Chat or if you prefer, send them directly to me and I will share.
April Boyd-Noronha
Please explain diff or provide example of Systemic & systematic change.
Mike Siebert
Joseph, explain how everyday you experience racism. Where is it coming from? Who or what is being Racist?
Rebecca Gould Manhattan
What would be our first step in building a club that is more reflective of the communities in which we live.
Mike Siebert
Joseph, follow up...how can we as Rotarians in our daily lives combate those "attacks from racism?"
trish reedy
Do you all think it would be easier to start a NEW club that is diverse from the beginning? Rather than changing a club's culture?
Joe Beveridge - Olathe Noon
Most people in a community don't even know there is a Rotary Club. If they are aware that the community has a club, then they typically don't know what we do or stand for. We need to be more inclusive and continuously invite our local community to join us in our projects and events.
Susan Mong
can you speak to retuning peice - what are some examples of practices or methods that would fall short? maybe am example?
Susan Mong
“retaining” not returning
Mike Dodson
Can we have the contacts for Danielle and Joseph so we can continue the dialogue?
trish reedy
Susan, maybe the prayer at the beginning of our meeting is isolating for someone who isn't Christian. In our club, there is a lot of "in Jesus' name, amen"....
Jacci Leib
^good eye!
District Admin
Yes Mike D., we will share their contact info and the recordings.
Mike Siebert
Trish, one of the things to consider with prayer is to consider who is praying. IF they are a Christian they are going to pray to Jesus and pray in His name. A Muslim or Jew would be praying under another name. It would be impossible for any religion to pray in the name of all gods. It would not be a real prayer. I dealt with this area when asked to pray at a large event. My choice was to pick another name for Jesus from the Bible and no one knew what I meant and no one was offended. Yet I prayed to whom I pray.
Susan Mong
Jacci Leib
^the link shows what Joseph is referring to
Joe Beveridge - Olathe Noon
well said sir
Jason Leib
What about those that aren't here? Who don't see the extent of the issue - that only overt racism is racism and institutional racism doesn't exist because it isn't explicitly defined in policies or laws?
Lenet - Lenexa RC
And don't forget Native Americans...
Sarah Donohoe - Lenexa RC
Isn’t Latinx the preferred term today?
Mike Dodson
Is there any dialogue about native americans?
Chuck Udell
Jim, I agree with all you saying and after we attract, then we must engage!
trish reedy
Maybe we should consider getting rid of the Pledge of Allegiance... if I was a POC, I probably wouldn't feel great about pledging allegiance to the country whose systems didn't allow me to do what whites were able to do....
Susan Mong
the Johnson County museum tells our communities story very well - redlining / covenants etc. - I encourage you to engage our staff here to help connect people to learn here locally about the systematic racism that was behind growth of JoCo
Danielle Johnson
We will follow up with some resources for you all to review. We are happy to support you all and your organizations.
Susan Mong
thank you so much - really appreciate your insight and time !!!
Melisa Jimenez
Thank you so much! This was great
Joe Beveridge - Olathe Noon
Thank you Danielle & Joseph! Appreciate you sharing your time and experiences with us!