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Mental Health, Mental Illness and SEL: Matching Strategies and Areas of Concern - Shared screen with speaker view
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Please drop any questions you have for our panelists here in the chat as they arise and we'll try to get to them at the end!
Bryan Joffe, AASA
Slides will be emailed to all participants 🙂
Rhonda Elmhorst-Friemoth
Ideas for addressing lack of access to mental health professionals?
Rebecca Goldberg
On the lack of access thread, I’m curious if any districts are having success with peer support models for students to be trained in mental health supports (and get reimbursed by Medicaid to pay for the training/services); Similarly, interested in partnerships with community orgs taking this approach of training young people and/or CBO staff
Rebecca Goldberg
I love these ideas!
Leshia Chandler
Throughout the state of Maryland we have Local Care Team coordinators, an interagency collaboration of community services that support families with intensive needs. Our schools are a part of this collaborative, and schools professionals can refer families to us to help navigate get connected to services whether its mental health issues, specialized therapeutic services, or Out of Home Placement. Our teachers are the #1 group that refer families. Its so important for BH services and schools can partner together.
Bryan Joffe, AASA
Thanks, Leshia - that’s great to hear
Kayla Jackson
How do you clear out stigma in schools?