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ISRAELI PALESTINIAN PEACE SIMULATION - Shared screen with speaker view
Caroline Salinger
Apologies that I have to go now! Sorry.
Margo Schulter
Please help me change my name to PA.
Mahmoud Abbas
Margo click on your screen and right click if you have the ability to right click and hit rename
Richard Silverstein
Someone change my identity to IS
Irena Varjabedian
Please put Palestinian for me
IS - Conrad Rabinovitz
I’m not sure I can stay for the whole simulation. I don’t feel qualified to represent either side.
PA Asim Altamimi
The land belongs to God and not to any one people.
PA Asim Altamimi
Historically, death victims have run; 20 Palestinians to 1 Israeli,
Hamas Leader A. Samir Tawfik
Exactly, this answer is the great fit for that question
Hamas Leader A. Samir Tawfik
gaza included critical children
PA Asim Altamimi
I agree with Abdallah Zaben. IPC is not a judiciary power. ICC is for criminal actions against humanity.
PA Asim Altamimi
I suggest an amendment: all victims to receive a certain amount of compensation.
IS Giacomo Valentini
IPC is offering a "settlement" to void a protracted judicial struggle
IS - Conrad Rabinovitz
Yeah, what he’s saying makes sense. But couldn’t we modify the constitution so that we could settle all ICC cases? Then going forward the IPC wouldn’t supersede judicial processes of each country?
IS - Conrad Rabinovitz
Totally agree with the PM on the veto power. It seems like both Israel and Palestine could use it make the coalition government basically inert
Madeline Taylor, PhD
Parties who have reason to distrust one another need to see and feel the genuine sincerity of the other. Superimposing structures of state don’t address the underlying feelings of the people affected.
Madeline Taylor, PhD
Another conversation entirely would address the issue: How does each side demonstrate a sincere desire to accept the other and dedicate themselves to non-violent means of resolving every conflict, large or small.
Madeline Taylor, PhD
There are many groups of Israelis and Palestinians who know how to resolve conflict non-violently; who take into account the trauma to children and adults which lasts for generations, and who could be convened for think-tanks and conferences to advise the Israeli and Palestinian leadership on how to work through every issue through dialogue, not warfare.
Hamas Leader A. Samir Tawfik
I have to leave now. Thanks for this amazing opportunity given to all to share thoughts and opinions
IS Giacomo Valentini
We need a pragmatic approach - one based on confidence-building, trust building. It took the EU 20 years to superseed its veto power rules but this did not stop the EU from bringing down internal borders and establish a customs union.
PA - Margo Schulter
Thank you for this valuable dialogue! I must leave for another commitment at 11 my time, but appreciate the contributions of the organizers and all participants.