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Updates from Housing Court with Judge Schneider - Shared screen with speaker view
Maribel Lopez
Good afternoon .
Michelle Jimenez Alvarez
Good afternoon
Simone Meyer
Good afternoon, if we have existing teams invites for upcoming court dates, can we continue to rely on appearing virtually?
What about holdover cases in Brooklyn where tenant filed hardship declaration
Stephanie Rudolph
If an owner challenges a hardship declaration in which the tenant check “B” for disability or physical hardship. Is there guidance as to health privacy with respect to how the challenge hearing will be conducted?
Mariam Chardiwall
Hi all, what does the acronym SEVPA stand for? I heard this regarding the nuisance exception to the ERAP stay
Stephanie Shavuo
Stephanie Shavuo, Office of Council Member Debi Rose, Staten Island. Thank you Judge Schneider. In Staten Island, the ERAP program is being slowly stood up. Advice for tenants and landlords?
What about holdover case that occurred prior to covid
Rachel Granfield
Will there be call-in capacity for tenants who don’t have videoconferencing ability but don’t feel safe coming in person?
Rachel Gordon
Can you appoint a GAL to locate tenant, bare in mind some tenants are home bound or mental illness or temporarily hospitalized.
Debbie Greene
Is there additional information for holdover cases in Queens, especially for people who are not on the lease.
Mariam Chardiwall
Nevermind, the acronym is COVID-19 Emergency Eviction and Foreclosure Prevention Act (CEEFPA).
Rafael Moure
Will the intake part cover multiple boroughs/jurisdictions?
Rachel Gordon
Are all assigned Council will have a GAL working with Council some tenants have Dementia etc
Jasmine Tulsi
After the flooding in my basement apartment my landlord is harassing me. I cannot have a dehumidifier in the room because of a medical condition with my eyes. He tried to barge into my door with a de-humidifier and has now sent me a notice to leave (eviction) I have a month to month lease. Can I take him to court for harassment ? Can I stop rent payments ? The words used are hurting and humiliating.
If the tenant stopped paying prior to covid , can the LL challenge the hardship
Kharis Belgrave
What measures/protocols are in place for litigants that are scheduled for a 1st [presumably] in person appearance that are having flu-like symptoms, recently tested +ve for COVID, directed to quarantine/had recent known exposure etc?
Kharis Belgrave
What are the courthouses' contact tracing and notification procedures to the public and court staff?
Marlen Valarezo
We had a meeting with Judge Breier yesterday to discuss the in person return to the Bronx Housing Court. We asked if there will be limits on occupancy and we were told there is no decision on this yet. I have many staff who do not want to go to the court if the court is not sanitizing and limiting occupancy. Will we receive word on occupancy limits and sanitizing of the court house soon?
Darine Peralta
If there is a non-payment case pre covid and the client was able to pay the rental arrears with ERAP, how soon will the case be put in calendar to discontinue the case?
Rosalie Girau
If new cases are given an intake date, will tenant be able to inform the court of the ERAP application or will they have to wait until they are seen in the resolution part?
Jo Lavallee
In the event that a landlord is not evicting due to non-payment of rent by his/her renter, and the tenant applies for ERAP and qualifies, may the landlord evict based on the clause in the ERAP policy that states that eviction may proceed if owner wishes to occupy the apartment. In short, if a “landlord” owns one apartment in a large coop building of 100 units, does this qualify as a dwelling unit that contains four or fewer units?
Erap makes an exception for small LL with 4-family or less to be able to evict if they want to move back into their home. Will the court facilitate that if there is no covid related hardship
Alex Levin
Will people who enter the court be required to show proof of vaccination?
Yvonne Peña (CSSNY)
What is HMP? I understand it's where cases will be calendared for intake for counsel assignment, but what does the acronym stand for? Also, if a tenant does not qualify for counsel, does the case get immediately calendared after HMP intake?
Chanel Bunch
Are hearings being scheduled for pre-Covid holdover cases where the tenant filed a Hardship Application? (Kings County)
Jo Lavallee
If a “landlord” owns just one apartment in a large coop of 100 units, does the landlord fit into the definition in the ERAP terms that this landlord owns a dwelling unit that contains four or fewer units?
Candice Walker
Will attorneys have the option to appear virtually for the cases in the resolution part?
Debbie Greene
Is there additional information for holdover cases, especially for people who are not on the lease. Person refuses to leave and the lease has ended? The tenant on the lease have moved out.
Jessica Hurd
Samantha Hernandez
If a respondent is not allowed into the courthouse because of covid symptoms, will they be defaulted?
Rachel Granfield
There have been issues citywide with mask enforcement in the courthouses. How will masking be enforced?
Rachel Granfield
Have the ventilation systems in every courtroom been tested to make sure that they are adequate?
Francisco Negron
Isn't there a clause in the ERAP Program where if the LL receives and or accepts the money, they cannot move to evict for 12 month's? Is that accurate?
Maribel Lopez
Will tenants have option to appear virtually or in person ?
Rosalie Girau
are new cases only for rent owed before Covid related arrears.
Debbie Greene
Is there additional information for holdover cases, especially for people who are not on the lease. Person refuses to leave and the lease has ended? The tenant on the lease have moved out.
Andrea Alajbegovic
Can parties stipulate for every appearance after intake to continue virtually or is this solely at the discretion of the judge?
Julia Gilgurd
Can attorneys opt out of in-person appearances and continue appearing virtually? Would a medical exemption be required for this?
Carmen Melagros Valentin
will files assigned to GALS be sent by email instead of physically
Sam Johnson
Are pending HRA applications being considered the same as ERAP to hold the case until a decision on either application is made to prevent a Eviction
Jenna Gogan
Could you please repeat what the process is for the landlord challenging the hardship declaration, and also what is the process for staying a case if someone has applied for ERAP? Thank you.
Andrea Alajbegovic
Can the investigation into the ventilation system of the court houses be shared or has it already been shared publicly?
dawn kelly
Are the public areas of the courthouse and bathroom being done - especially in Brooklyn
Agnieszka Trojniak
From Valerie Coley FTC. Will tenants who have been served Eviction Notices be allowed to remain in their homes once the LL receives the Rent Relief?
dawn kelly
public are and bathroom cleaning I am referring to
Matthew Tropp
Why does the 1st resolution part appearance have the presumption of being in-person? What is OCA's rationale on doing that considering the delta variant and other health and safety concerns? Shouldn't it only be when the parties and Judge feel it is necessary?
Debbie Greene
Is there additional information for holdover cases, especially for people who are not on the lease. Person refuses to leave and the lease has ended? The tenant on the lease have moved out.
Samantha Hernandez
How do tenants who get turned away from the courthouse because of symptoms avoid being defaulted?
There seems to be a lot of questions that have not been answered
Jo Lavallee
To add to the question by Debbie Greene, could you please comment on a scenario where a tenant is served 90-day notice to vacate, and an unknown person who is NOT on the lease received the notice, and refuses to provide first and last name.
Maritza Munoz
How tenants can know if the money from ERAP was sent to the landlord?
Simone Meyer
Maritza, they should receive a notice and it should be on the portal
Mary Zulack
The return would be better in vaccination required for all- all attorneys
Carmen Melagros Valentin
NYCHA tenants majority are with holding rent due to Violations under impression have to not pay any rent at all? Tenants have a income not paying rent
Maribel Lopez
Thank you very much .
Jessica Hurd
thanks everyone.
Jasmine Tulsi
thank you
Marlen Valarezo
OTDA site has a status check area where tenants can see if approved and if the money was issued. Also OTDA should send the tenant notice
Maritza Munoz
Thanks to everyone and the judge
Rosalie Girau
thank you