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Mental Health Awareness Month: Dr Yapko & Mindset Health - Shared screen with speaker view
Robin Walker Salas
Robin Walker Salas and wounded warriors BEHIND BARS on Google Maps now
Jayne Corner
Will there be a replay?
Isabella Lira
Jayne Corner
Thank you! :)
Isabella Lira
Oh sorry the “absolutely” was in response to hypnosis creating a relaxed environment conducive to learning 🙂 I'm not sure if there will be a replay, but I hope so! Sorry for the confusion, I'm just an attendee : )
Jayne Corner
Oh! Sorry! Thanks for clarifying!
Isabella Lira
Sure! : )
Clive Overton
Sorry to be late, I was delayed
Tracey Thomas
Yes there will be a recording issued - wording from the invite email 'If you aren't able to join us for the live interview please be sure to still register below so you will get the link to the recording of the event.'
Carol Henderson
totally disagree with needing to have a Licensed professionaI. I have been a certified hypnotist for 20 years, helping thousands of people. Maybe 50 years ago there were problems with certified hypnotherapists and certified hypnotists not having enough training, but not anymore. Just make sure the hypnotist has been trained, and has been in practice for a while. \
Jayne Corner
I would agree with you Carol. However, there are also so many weekend hypnosis training courses, which people think is enough training.
Robin Walker Salas
Certification is a little different than it used to be
Robin Walker Salas
Esp in alternative health practices
Isabella Lira
Our mind is extremely powerful and can affect the body.
Anne Bivans
that's amazing
camille bauer
there is a comminity somewhere who rely on fishing to live off and they have learnt how to dilate their own puplis as it helps them see underwater. i would imagine its a form of self hypnosis.
Jay Essif
If you are interested in getting training in hypnosis, train with Michael Yapko while he is still available. I met Michael in 1991 and prior to that time I had training with several people in our profession and was turned off to the idea of hypnosis. Then I met Michael and he is so competent and ethical and presents training in a down to earth and useful way.
Bilal Moheebulla
I’ve tried Nerva, but I have trouble focusing. As the speaker mentioned the ability to focus improves the benefits of hypnosis; so how does one learn to focus?
Kannan Ravinther
Hi , Dr, thanks for sharing your experience. I read an interesting article about 'Hypnosis'. It has parallel in Indian traditional medical system. https://isha.sadhguru.org/yoga/yoga-articles-mind-stress/parts-of-mind/.
Emelie Seguin
Same problem as Bilal here! I have ADHD and it makes it difficult to focus
Isabella Lira
Great question! Both Hypnosis and EMDR are amazing techniques! Very helpful in my personal experience.
Anne Bivans
How does Nerva compare to having a hypnotherapist personally working with you, in terms of effectiveness?
Margery Entwisle
The first day I used Nerva, my IBS-D started to disappear. Like magic. I guess I'm lucky cause I can actually focus too well.
Kannan Ravinther
That's great to hear Margery
how long to see improvements in ibs when starting hypnotherapy?
Melody Newcombe
I'm in the healthcare industry and tried Nerva. I am blown away how it worked for me and am so curious about it???
Joan Wildfield
Can hypnosis help cancer?
Isabel Rice
Isn’t pain or any feeling we experience in our body a message? And is it a good idea to turn this message off and not address the message/problem?
Jay Essif
Effective hypnosis will distinguish between signal and noise. The competent and ethical therapist will build that into the trance session.
Kannan Ravinther
Isabel, I think by being hypnotized, we are allowing our deeper parts of our mind to be more receptive to healing process which actually address the root problem
Kerry Bailey
For those interested in training and gaining professional accreditation in Clinical Strategic Hypnotherapy- Michael Yapko offer a 100 Hours training course &- IAP (Institute of Applied Psychology - A registered RTO (which is an accredited Australia Registered Training Organisation) - Who offer Diploma Level Courses in Strategic Psychotherapy & & Clinical Hypnotherapy & NLP - I am a graduate and active therapist. if you want to know more - there web link is: https://iap.edu.au/)I have trained with both Michael Yapko & IAP - and the strategic approach to Clinical Hypnotherapy provides the most amazing pathways to clients acquiring skills and long term excellent outcomes. (I am an active therapist who works with the strategic model and I am a member of Associations that require a minimum standard of qualification) - these associations have a register where you can search for a practitioner who has qualifications that need to be maintained - plus insurance etc
Isabel Rice
Thank you!
Joan Wildfield
thank you
Anne Bivans
Thank you!
Sara Leven
Thank you!