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Literary Lawyers Series with Lauren Willig - Shared screen with speaker view
Carrie Harris
And who would have thought that Roe v. Wade would be at risk!!!!
Anne Larson
How long did you practice law and what caused you to move permanently into writing?
Anne Larson
Were you disappointed or bored by law school like you were grad school? I was. I thought it could have been so fascinating if we had been turned lose to use law to solve issues and problems.
Lisa Holubar
First- AMAZING. I love your historical research into forgotten women! So valuable. Second, how do you find these hidden stories? Third, how did you find a publisher?
Helenka Mietka
Hi! Thank you for speaking today! I agree with Lisa ^^ What is your favorite work of historical fiction?
Mehtap Cevher Conti
Lauren, your message about weaving the missing threads back into the tapestry of history really resonated with me and thank you for your amazing work in this regard. What other efforts you think we can do to present our collective history more completely? Related question, how can we make sure this complete history is taught to our kids in (at least) public schools?
Carrie Harris
After you made the choice just to write, did your husband agree that you could pick the location of your home?:)
Helenka Mietka
Thank you!
Anne Larson
Thank you! So fascinating. What a fun lunch!
Kyla Davidoff
Thank you!
Carrie Harris