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NOMA's Monthly Zoom Meeting
Jeff Brecht
NOMA Survey: http://www.smnoma.org/survey1.html
Jeff Brecht
Evelyn's smart sprinkler: Rachio 3 Smart Sprinkler Controller
Jeff Brecht
Rebates for toilets ($200/fixture), clothes washers ($400), smart irrigation controllers ($35/station), and flow monitoring devices ($150):www.socalwatersmart.com
Tom Fleming (City of Santa Monica)
Hi everyone. Here's the water volume chart for trees that I mentioned.
Tom Fleming (City of Santa Monica)
Also, here's a link for a deep dive into the details beneath the watering chart: https://www.smgov.net/uploadedFiles/Portals/UrbanForest/Maintenance/WateringStreetTrees.pdf
Jeff Brecht
From Laurene: if people want to receive information or attend a dog and pony show about heat pump water heaters or home heating heat pumps they can email me at chicagoriver@hotmail.com or go to climateactionsantamonica.org and sign up. Also if people want to try induction cooktops they can go to https://sce.myturn.com/library/