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PABA's Zoom Meeting - Shared screen with speaker view
Steve Bearman
Vacant here means the whole unit is vacant, not a business space?
Marc Abshire
Vacant refers to a property location, by property plat. Whether one or more business could be located on that property depends on the property, but most are a single business potential location.
James Taylor
where there any comments as to why the low oppinions?
Ronald Richards
Jim: I was surprised climate change was not mentioned as a possible concern in Question 8. On the negative side are effects of climate change on sea level rise, water supply, timber supply. On the positive side is the likelihood that a lot of people from more heavily impacted areas are and will continue to come here because of that. Certainly these will affect the downtown business environment.
Debby Fuson
Please identify the cities again that were looked at as
Debby Fuson
examples of success
Marc Abshire
The 3 case study cities are: Astoria, OR; Oak Harbor, WA; and Longmont, CO
Christopher Thomsen
Oak Harbor, WA, Astoria, OR, Longmont, CO...
I am also concerned that I see no mention of climate change in the plans…all these issues must work together
Robbie Mantooth
How is former Rayonier mill site's cleanup and restoration, including saving our last best chance of a salmon stream in PA included in planning?
Ronald Richards
Does anyone else have a concern that the noise impacts of a seaplane float at city pier would adversely impact the use and enjoyment of city pier and the waterfront trail? Shouldn't this be located further west in the more industrial parts of the harbor (where a sea plane float currently is) and where the water is more calm? If you are not, I would suggest you spend sometime in downtown Juneau, AK for a first hand listen to the negative aspects of float planes.
Steve Bearman
Thank you all!
Christopher Thomsen
Ronald - As the head of this effort, please contact me at cthomsen@capsahealthcare.com