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Keeping the focus on healthcare worker wellbeing - Shared screen with speaker view
Kerrie Walter, SCV
Welcome to this event hosted by Safer Care Victoria (SCV) and facilitated by Adj Assoc Prof Donna Markham, Victoria's Chief Allied Heath Officer.
Kerrie Walter, SCV
A recording of today's event will be emailed to all registrants and available on our website next week:https://www.bettersafercare.vic.gov.au/events/keeping-the-focus-on-healthcare-worker-wellbeing
Kerrie Walter, SCV
Please use this chat to share your thoughts, reflections and perspectives with us and your colleagues.
Kerrie Walter, SCV
Guidelines and application form for the DHHS wellbeing Grants is available here; https://www.dhhs.vic.gov.au/healthcare-worker-infection-prevention-and-wellbeing-taskforce
Kerrie Walter, SCV
Information about the SCV wellbeing Centre to be launched early next year is here:https://www.bettersafercare.vic.gov.au/support-and-training/hcw-wellbeing
Kerrie Walter, SCV
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Jessica Simionato
So many great strategies being shared- congratulations on your efforts and openness to share! :)
Trivia was brilliant :) I really enjoyed this every Wednesday. Definitely provided something to look forward to and shift the headspace into something fun.
Kerrie Walter, SCV
WorkSafe Vic Covid 19 webpage on managing coronavirus (COVID-19) risks and mental health at work is here: https://www.worksafe.vic.gov.au/managing-coronavirus-covid-19-risks-mental-health-work
Krystal Edwards
Thanks for sharing these great ideas, weekly trivia sounds like a winner
Kerrie Walter, SCV
WorkSafe Vic Preventing and managing the increased risk of employee fatigue in healthcare during coronavirus (COVID-19): https://www.worksafe.vic.gov.au/preventing-and-managing-increased-risk-employee-fatigue-healthcare-during-coronavirus-covid-19
Kerrie Walter, SCV
WorkWell Toolkit Managing trauma: https://www.workwell.vic.gov.au/toolkit/actions/7d2d643b-9e94-4599-ae3e-4d475b8f9979WorkWell Toolkit Managing fatigue: https://www.workwell.vic.gov.au/toolkit/actions/5aab3ec3-5d26-4c5f-89a9-947cf666e677WorkWell Toolkit Working in isolation: https://www.workwell.vic.gov.au/toolkit/actions/43bc4c0c-0170-45da-9dae-777fe2fbb2b9WorkWell Toolkit Developing your mental health strategy: https://www.workwell.vic.gov.au/toolkit/actions/4e07adfe-6ff1-4c41-9594-c1df4dea8603
Kerrie Walter, SCV
Thank you for all your wonderful comments, thought and perspectives. We encourage you to select ‘panellists and attendees’ to share with us and your colleagues.
Vanessa Murray
Thank you for sharing all of your wonderful ideas and strategies. It’s great to see that health and wellbeing is not just for our patients!
Kirsty Barger
Fabulous idea! thank you for sharing the 'thank you festival' :)
Annette Baron
Some great links and resources here. Many thanks for sharing them.
Lara Jackson
this conversation echos what was said again in the Royal Commission into MH in Vic, we all need to feel that our MH is important, have people that we can connect to around our MH and wellbeing, have choices and options that can really help us when we need help and that the places in which we live, work, play & study care. Love hearing that food was important too! Wonderful ideas here..
Kerrie Walter, SCV
An overview of evidence-based strategies to address mental health and wellbeing recommended by Jennifer Fry is available here:https://issuu.com/safetyinstitute/docs/ohsprodecsinglepgs2020/16
great advice to make arrangements to ensure staff can take a break without worrying about the back log of work.
Bruce Campbell
Great idea 'What's in and what's out'; helps staff to focus and put aside things beyond our control.
Kerrie Walter, SCV
Further information about the 11 factors for worker wellbeing can be found here: https://www.workwell.vic.gov.au/how-can-we-create-mentally-healthy-workplace
Kerrie Walter, SCV
Further information on mental health at work and managing fatigue from WorkSafe: WorkSafe Vic Covid 19 page: Managing coronavirus (COVID-19) risks: Mental health at work: https://www.worksafe.vic.gov.au/managing-coronavirus-covid-19-risks-mental-health-workWorkSafe Vic Preventing and managing the increased risk of employee fatigue in healthcare during coronavirus (COVID-19):https://www.worksafe.vic.gov.au/preventing-and-managing-increased-risk-employee-fatigue-healthcare-during-coronavirus-covid-19
Brigid Hodgetts
Yes there is a sense that we as health care worker need to be able to cope with anything. The reality is that we are human and need to be supported in our health and wellbeing.
Sue Crosby
Thanks so much everyone, this has been great. Some wonderful suggestions and strategies.
Kerrie Walter, SCV
Thank you for attending today’s event. We hope you enjoyed it. Any questions? Please contact: kerrie.walter@safercare.vic.gov.auPlease also take a moment to complete our evaluation poll and help shape future events.
Kerrie Walter, SCV
We want to partner with you to make sure the wellbeing centre launching early next year meets your needs. There will be numerous opportunities for engagement and collaboration early in 2021.Sign up to updates from one of our Victorian Chief Clinical Officers to be the first to know.https://vic.us16.list-manage.com/subscribe?u=085b09f39e33bbfdbefb334de&id=0f88347646
Joelene Mitchell
Thank you to all the panelists. This was very valuable.
Cath Rokahr
Thanks to all panelists and Donna!