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ASSR 2021 Annual Paper Presentations Meeting - Shared screen with speaker view
Dennis Horton
Very nice paper!
Dennis Horton
Great presentation, Derek!
Jon Loessin
Thanks for another great presentation and for participating.
Dennis Horton
Fascinating paper, Todd! My question has to do with the basis for spiritualist ethics. Is there some type of foundational basis for determining what is right or wrong, good or evil? You mentioned the concept of love, but are there any other guidelines? Is it left entirely to the individual to determine?
Todd Jay Leonard
Thank you, Dennis, yes. While there is no real dogma to speak of, there is a declaration of principles that Spiritualists follow and the Golden Rule plays prominently in the belief system. Again, the large majority of Spiritualists grew up in Christian traditions so they bring with them these beliefs and customs into their Spiritualist beliefs. Basically, above all do no harm is a guiding belief, which includes many of the teachings of Jesus.
Todd Jay Leonard
Spiritualists believe strongly in Heaven and Hell as being "conditions" and not "locations" maintaining that as humans we can create our own heavens and some pretty dandy hells here on earth. A belief that all souls are redeemable is also a core belief and vicarious atonement doesn't play a role in salvation or incarnation, because each person's karmic dues is based on the life they lived in its totality. So no death bed confessions will change the totality of how the person lived and acted during their incarnation. Thanks for the question, Jon.
Dennis Horton
This is helpful. Thanks so much!
Dennis Horton
Jerry, there does seem to be a high level of religious nationalism in so many countries including Hinduism in India.
Nicholas Elliott
I would also say Japan also has a high level of religious nationalism. But they have for along time blended politics and religion.
Jerry Summers
Aye, that! I need to examine further the concept of nationalism as a form of religion. The heavily traditional direct association/identity of Protestantism with Empire in Germany is a huge factor in the "normal" German concept of self, family, community, and nation. I'm getting a strong refresher these days on the matter.
Todd Jay Leonard
Very small percentage of people in Japan follow such severe religious nationalism but there is definitely a faction of hardliners who believe strongly in the godlike status of the emperor. The average Japanese person isn't very religious even though upwards of 90% of Japanese consider themselves to be both Shintoists and Buddhists, but in name only without any real religiosity except for preselected events and holidays that are observed.
Nicholas Elliott
Todd, I would check out Jolyon Baraka Thomas's work he is a religious studies scholar who studies religion in Japan.
Todd Jay Leonard
I will, thank you. My comments are experiential not research oriented...just what I have seen and experienced here over the past 32 years.
David Holcomb
Good to see everyone and to hear some of the papers. We have incoming freshmen on campus for advising/orientation today, so I'm afraid I have to break away.
Jerry Summers
Apologies for departing early for another on-campus obligation. Thanks, everyone.
Todd Jay Leonard
The time difference for me is 14 hours, so I am breaking away. I have enjoyed everyone's presentations. I will watch the ones I miss on the website once the recording is uploaded. Great conference.
Michael Royster
I have to leave. I am scheduled for Western Social Science Association in a few.
Michael Royster
Thanks everyone. -MDR
Nicholas Elliott
Have fun everyone I have to go
Dennis Horton
Thanks, John!