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Webinar Future Proofing Your Employability as We Age - Shared screen with speaker view
Ray Algar
Diane can you turn your microphone off please
Karen Brown
Pre-Covid - were you seeing more interest from companies about hiring older people given the declining birth rate and the tight job market? I have heard European companies - especially manufacturing - were/are more interested in keeping some of the older workers longer.
SamAlford, UnLtd
John, what top tips do you have for organisations trying to encourage more mature applicants and how to best engage older employees in the workplace?
Esther Hershcovich
This is very interesting and very much connected to what I’ve been building. We have a startup called SĀGE, which specifically responds to longevity and employment in later years and honours the expertise of older adults by offering a platform to teach from their skills, and consult through one-on-one intergenerational connections. It’s effectively, the gig economy for older adults. In the past few weeks since we’ve brought it online, we’ve had sāges join from around the world, sharing their skills (now online) and lots of positive feedback from both ends. Happy to share the website and connect further www.findasage.com
Kate Bowman
digital is a broad area - are we talking about ability to work from home or manage meetings or design and technology or more?
eric kihlstrom
what companies are successfully employing older staff that you would point out as good examples? how are they measuring success with older hires?
Kate Bowman
how do we get reluctant digital learners (these are not all older people at all) to engage with digital?
eric kihlstrom
social skills of older staff is area that many companies point out as a skill that improves with age
Karen Brown
Are there European government policies that are promoting the hiring of older adults? I thought I had heard that Ireland had created a $10,000 tax incentive to hire older adults.
Ray Algar
John, how can someone prepare for later life entrepreneurship (a potentially scary prospect) as they untether from a single full-time role?
Helen Hirsh Spence
At https://www.topsixtyoversixty.com/ we are working with organizations to help them understand the value of engaging older employees and the need for multigenerational teams. Have you found that post pandemic, businesses are more receptive to using oler adults to power us through the recovery.
Kate Bowman
After a number of redundancies, I think employers should be looking for resilience - personal and professional and that means seeing the experience of redundancy as opportunity.
SamAlford, UnLtd
So it sounds to me like we need to work out our own individual value proposition
john fitzgerald
Hard to answer all the questions now but yes It is about mapping out your ideal role, know what you want and why - so you can influence every new conversation rather than responding
Ray Algar
Ruth, how do we become better about describing the personal impact and value we create?
john fitzgerald
The 10,000 offer is called Restart and it was launched in Australia by Govt to help employ mature workers, great initiative
Karen Brown
What is the name of the website for 50+?
Ruth Winden
Restless.co.uk caters for the over 50s | BITC | Ageing Better all have published reports and info on jobs and careers older workers
Colin Robertson
thank you - lots to reflect on
florence irwin
Thank you John, Ruth and Nicolette
SamAlford, UnLtd
Really interesting, thank you so much Nicolette, John and Ruth!
thank you - lots to think about
Nora Davies
Really great session - very insightful. Thank you
Many thanks for such an engaging session.
Hang Lui Li
thank you all