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Grace Treffinger
It's mind-blowing that all of that carbon released is not accounted for...
Junyong Zhu
This is to Grace Treffinger question (I have to leave at 11:55 pm): This is an excellent questions. Yes, large scale biomass energy is expensive and can have environmental impacts. A typical example is a pulp mill operation. It is sustainable, but has environmental issues which have been addressed over time.
Grace Treffinger
Ms. Belinda fully addressed my question with her experiences. It looks like these environmental and health concerns have not been addressed at all as people continue to suffer in their communities. Thanks, Ms. Belinda, for continuing to fight and sharing today.
Jennifer Crosslin (she/her)
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Lindsay Harper
How do you incorporate the co2 that comes from the production, transportation, and processing of nuclear materials in you calculations? You said that nuclear energy production should increase.
Lindsay Harper
Business is political.
Pulp mills still emit massive amounts of toxic pollution and also destroy forests, degrading carbon stocks and natural flood control, compromising biodiversity etc. Pulp and paper production is also a problem in the South -the world's largest paper producing region.
Abigail Franks
Dr. Zhu may not know answers to EJ/ pollution questions since he does research on the process of biomass. Maybe that is a problem within the way we operate as an energy system
Abigail Franks
These people need to know
Kim Ross
Agree Abigail - but the air pollution question is (or should be) part of the 'science'
Abigail Franks
Agreed !!!
Kim Ross
Thanks Adam!
Heather Hillaker
Even when wood pellets are made from "thinnings" of pine plantations and are burned for energy overseas, they still result in an increase of carbon pollution in the atmosphere for more than 40 years. Climate action needs to happen in the next decade, not 4+ decades.
Grace Treffinger
Yes - thank you for that clarification, Adam.
Jennifer Crosslin (she/her)
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