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What's Next? Being an LA Student during COVID-19 - Shared screen with speaker view
Adam White - Illinois
Type additional questions for the panelist here.
Louisa Zheng (she/her)
When looking for new hires, have you found the skillsets you’re looking for change from the conventional needs in the last few years?
Mary Pat McGuire
Agree with April - networking is key to navigating changing times, geographies, and interests are one matures through the profession, including difficult times like this one.
Rob Reuland - Illinois
Are there ways for students to learn more about firms outside of the traditional interview/office tour process given the current situation with Covid?
Lauren K Mathias - Illinois
How has the licensure process changed, if at all?
Rob Reuland - Illinois
How has your firm adapted your design process to a remote working environment?
Dana Hernalsteen- PANELIST - Michigan
Lauren- COVID has not changed the licensing process thus far. CLARB is providing additional ways and site venues to take the test along with expanding the normal 2 week test window. CLARB and LARE will continue to be transparent with their processes through their website!
Mary Pat McGuire
Are there any unexpected project opportunities that have developed for firms during this time? Or anything unique that you think students can offer during this time? (e.g. unexpected assignments in the office, site photograph of built work, for example?)
Lori E Davis
Question for the students, what do you think keeps students from joining?
Dana is exactly right. The active student chapter members are the first ones I see in firms later. It is a small industry. Everyone knows everyone else. Student Membership is FREE!
Meg Schroeder - IL PANELIST
What are we going to do without the Conference on Landscape Architecture this year? How will we learn, connect, and grow within the LA community?
Dana Hernalsteen- PANELIST - Michigan
Rob- My work has been 100% remote since April. We are lucky to have company provided laptops to utilize. Our company provides bi-weekly updates on the phasing back into the office with procedures. Utilizing ZOOM and Microsoft TEAMS is essential to connect and coordinate within the office. We also have a internal connection team that provides different social interaction within the office. DISCORD is also another platform to use to collaborate
Ernest Wong
Question to those in academia: Has the curriculum changed in the last 6 months? We spend our entire careers designing spaces for people to congregate, and now with social distancing, that's all out the window? #BLM is a huge issue that will (hopefully) continue to impact our society, profession and how we design. Any thoughts?
Meg Schroeder - IL PANELIST
What design websites do you check everyday? Landezine, ASLA, anything else?
Lori E Davis
Ernest, one of our joint faculty members with Architecture is offering a studio about design directly related to COVID.
Keven Graham’s iPhone
students please take advantage of the mentor program
Dana Hernalsteen- PANELIST - Michigan
Meg- Land8, DIRT, LAND come to my email weekly which is great.
Chris Marlow
Ernie: We at BSU have not made specific changes in our curriculum as a response, but we'll no doubt be addressing this in our design studios this year and moving forward.
Dana Hernalsteen- PANELIST - Michigan
Meg- also on Instagram, I follow many firms and articles that align with creatives and our profession.
Dana Hernalsteen- PANELIST - Michigan
Mary- this is a great idea. I would honestly cold call some of the companies your interested in and learning. Sometimes interns have to be willing to do a minimal or free work experience for a designated time to gain experience- especially now when company funds are limited.
Chris Marlow
...to your earlier concern, Ernie - we've seen an increase in undergrad enrollment during the past three years from 16 to 21 to 30 this year. This is promising. I hope this is happening in other programs...
Louisa Zheng (she/her)
Who are you collaborating with to expand your client circles and pursue this pro bono work that you’re suggesting students to search for?
Hello, Ernest I'm fine. And now I am working on my dissertation proposal and I have taken the subject of the cities after Corona and I hope to find good solutions in this way.
Adam White - Illinois
Thanks Dena van der Wal! Great points!
Mary Pat McGuire
Spot on Dena! Curiosity and commitments that naturally lead to the kind of work you want to do!
Dena van der Wal, Panelist - Illinois
Thank you, Adam and Mary Pat!
Mary Pat McGuire
To Ernie’s point about enrollment, this is an amazing time to consider how our academic programs can become more geared toward doing the kind of work that is valued among a greater more diverse constituency of potential students.
Dana Hernalsteen- PANELIST - Michigan
I second Sarah's approach on finding a supporting Masters program
Mary Pat McGuire
Why don’t we do a regional ASLA meeting this Fall?
Mary Pat McGuire
Everyone here - on Zoom
Meg Schroeder - IL PANELIST
Regional ASLA meet + greet in an outdoor space!
Marcus Benoff
I second that.
Meg Schroeder - IL PANELIST
Fall ASLA garden walks!
Chris Marlow
I agree that someone with a BLA should first pursue a different, complementary degree. But I will say that the MLA as a second/post-professional degree is an opportunity to explore something unique or innovative in a creative project context. We're working on getting our 1-year post-professional MLA online...which could offer some interesting opportunities for folks...
Adam White - Illinois
Thank you everyone for joining!
Camille Applewhite_Moderator_ILASLA
Louisa Zheng (she/her)
Thank you for hosting this event!