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Mapping Leaders Forum: Use & Distribution - Shared screen with gallery view
Donna De Marco
Thank you for joining us today. Please be sure to put any questions you have for our presenters in the chat. We’ll get to them after the presentations.
Bridger DeVille
For Kevin: Are there recent examples of global regions or governments that have recently made advances in accordance with the IGIF?
Dave McIlhagga
For Kevin: Can you provide a brief summary of the do’s and don’ts of usage of OSM with other data sources together for mapping applications?
Bridger DeVille
For Tamas at NNG: Just a curiosity about electric car charging stations... Is data access (via strong WiFi) being integrated at these sites? Seems it could make map data more accessible if you could "refresh" HD maps while charging.
Dave McIlhagga
For Felipe: what gaps do you see in terms of customer demand in the Avenza App for map products that are proving difficult for you to source?
Bridger DeVille
Great presentations and discussion. Thank you Mark, Felipe, Tamas, and Kevin!
Neil Allen
👏Thank you for all the great presentations and discussions.
Mark Cygan - Esri
Great discussion and excellent questions everyone - Thank you! Please continue the discussions in our breakout sessions for the rest of the hour.