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FinTech North The Future of Mortgages - Shared screen with speaker view
Julian Wells
Great to have so many of you with us this morning. Feel free to post and comments or questions here or in the Q&A and we’ll get to as many as possible in the panel discussion
Antonia Lock
Sorry Guru I accidentally replied / deleted your question to Richard and Maria on blockchain etc with mortgages. Please ask again
Antonia Lock
I was just going to highlight what Acre’s doing in this space: https://www.acresoftware.com/
david smith
Antonia - how do you plan to engage the youth of today in savings? With RobinHood and GameStop / Crypto being all they seem focused on how ‘sexy’ is saving?
Antonia Lock
Great question! I think you’re seeing the same with the launch of Millions this week too
Antonia Lock
Adding to the above David - our financial system has been focussed on lending for a long time, which is great in some circumstances for example mortgages, but we’re seeing with the regulation of Klarna a change in thinking in some areas. Nude is focussing on the goal in life, and how we help someone bring down the time to that goal. Our branding is resonating really well with our target audience, and we’re seeing people really excited to get access. As for making it cool, that’s down to our CMO Marty who founded Tens and poolside.fm so is doing a fantats
Antonia Lock
Goops sorry fantastic job at appealing to this audience
graham hetherington
will there be a standardised set of data that will be recognised as key to the 'upfront' set as previously discussed to smooth the route to completion?
Joe Roche
Hi everyone, thanks for all of your questions so far, we hope you’re enjoying the event! Just to say that it is likely we will go over our allotted finish at 12.30 - we will continue the discussion as there’s plenty of questions still to answer and points to explore. For those who have to leave us, our next event is our Virtual Leeds Conference on the 25th Feb - https://www.fintechnorth.uk/event/virtual_leeds_conference/