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Creative Response Forum - Shared screen with speaker view
Jaclyn Stephens
Questions I have for the group if anyone is willing to share:
Gaelen McCormick
Jaclyn - I thnk your questions did n't show up
Jaclyn Stephens
How are you funding your virtual services, (i.e. paying artists and musicians) during this time?Has Zoom presented a sound quality that meets standards? Some of our musicians have expressed concern for this as we are preparing to offer virtual music sessions with Hospice patients.
Marianne Barthel
We had money in our budget through the end of June
Gaelen McCormick
I can share from Eastman Perf Arts Med @ Univ of Rochester - I am funding mus perfs from a grant we received. MT was already salaried and they are lucky to still be working via zoom (hipaa version)
Gaelen McCormick
zoom- for most of the instruments I know it still does not offer optimized for music type spectrum. I'm aware anecdotally that facetime is better. I'm hoping that with so many music schools etc pushing for better sound that there might be an improvement coming
Cathy DeWitt
Zoom is not that great at sound, it's not their forete. For the online church service I've been doing weekly, we bought an external microphone that plugs directly into the Ipad. You can get these for 50-$100.
Marianne Barthel
How are people getting the word out to the public and staff about programs for patients in the hospital
Cathy DeWitt
Daniella, if you haven't already, look up Timeslips; they have got great ideas for how to connect with the older people in assisted living now.
Gaelen McCormick
I'm somewhat limited in my reach bc the University controls the flow of PR, but our programs are the feel good story of the moment so I'm starting to see some of that get pushed out. I'm about to start sharing via social and the daily internal newsletter these "digital care packages" I don't have access to an individual FB or insta acct (again, higher ed wants to control the info and image)
Mary Perkinson
Cleaning ivory piano keys - advice from pianists at my university…”there is controversy over using Clorox wipes - we use rubbing alcohol or hydrogen peroxide.
Marianne Barthel
Thanks Gaelen, I am in the same boat: larger organization where I can't control what goes out. They are doing so much communication about all things related to COVID
My hospital is also very cautious about what goes out. Trying to figure out how not to add to the overwhelm & exhaustion of staff. Collaborative projects invite engagement. Any recovery plans in place?
Juliet Lockwood
Insta gram has TV IGTV
Juliet Lockwood
thank you
yes prompts please
Shanae Burch
Then we’ll have more time with the prompts :)
Cathy DeWitt
Hopefully the draft can be sent out to everyone electronically.
can’t wait to see the draft but fruitful conversation may be best if we have copies to read first?
NOAH National Organization for Arts in Health
Yes - thanks Gina!
Eliana Gilad
Great idea to have our emails circulated - we can elect whether to be on or not.
Gaelen McCormick
Barbara - do you have plans to write up the outcomes you have observed? The one about staff turnover reducing is particularly noteworthy to me.
NOAH National Organization for Arts in Health
Hi everyone, please join the NOAH Facebook group and you can connect with each other that way too
Juliet Lockwood
Juliet.lockwood@icloud.com Artist Not in Residency- formerly AIR
Kate Beever
thank you, all! Need to hop on another call. Lovely to meet you all, til next time!
Marianne Barthel
is the facebook group separate from the regular Facebook page
Eliana Gilad
Eliana Gilad - Virtual Healing Music Choir + Immunity Boosting through Healing Sound: https://voicesofedenlive.com/vhmc/ elianagilad@gmail.com 310-951-3947. Feel free to reach out. Happy to connect and collaborate.
NOAH National Organization for Arts in Health
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