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Beyond Covid-19: Keeping my customers and finding new ones in this climate - Shared screen with speaker view
Claudia Barbosa
David Thank you for all the efforts with our kids to keep us with the school. My son is in 11 grade that means SAT and ACT. So I tried to contact the advisor in order to know if we can apply for scholarship since I open a business for this reason now I suffering the COVID 19 issues. Please advise.
Claudia Barbosa
Mr. Ray
Claudia Barbosa
When we will be able to get disinfecting wipes. I use other options but it is not the same.
Benjamin Portman
Hello everyone - This presentation slideshow is a website with links you can follow to explore and learn more. If anyone wants to check it out our slides here is the link: http://novaeda.orpheusincorporated.com