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what should I give if the baby doesn't want to continue eat?
Anne Dubois
What should I do if I put the main meal with fruits / yogurt on the same plate and he only eats the fruits / yogurt ?
26 month old still has a gag reflex when textures change, or just sometimes for no reason. When will this stop?
Helen Murdoch
my son is nearly 2 and has decided to stop picking up his own food. anything sweet he will grab but anything else he just wants to be fed. what could cause this? he's only for a few words at the moment
Marta Chapman
When you are doing exposure to new foods, how often do you offer it. For example: wanting them to eat carrots: do you offer at every meal until they try it or do you vary? And should you offer different appearance? Ie grated, cooked, raw, sticks?
Dany iPhone
My 18 month old is refusing to eat fruits or vegetables. She will devour bread or meat but won’t touch vegetables or fruits. I have to mash them in yogurt or cream soups so she can have them. Any advice please ?
My son is 21 months old refuses to eat majority of foods in its natural form, he prefers it to be blended down. I give him blended form and add slices/cut up foods alongside but he refuses to pick the food up. I try to offer him food from my plate as well but he refuses to try.
My 18 month old screams when putting him into his high chair. Is there any advice?
My Daughter is refusing to even touch her dinner and I can’t send her to bed hungry, she will only eat bread and butter, but this seems like giving an alternative to what I already cooked for her.
my child is 2,5 years. she always ask for fruit or berries. She gets it end of each meal accept breakfast. Is ok to give it each time? Also sometimes she doesn't finish her food and starts ask for it. How can I know if she is full with the main meal or if she just wants to escape and get the fruits?
Where do you draw the line between worrying that they are not going to eat enough and leaving them without eating if they start to push the food away, push away themselves, even start struggling and kicking legs to not take another bite?
Marta Chapman
Thank you!
my son is 2 and such a fussy eater. he won't eat anything i cook he screams pushes the plate away he won't even try new food. he just wants sandwiches all the time and peppa pig spaghetti. it's really frustrating. I also think a lot of it is texture with him. I'm at my wits end on what to do he also can't have dairy products which makes it harder x
yes he has picked up finger snack food ... Ella kitchen
my son is 26 months, he used to eat anything and everything before but now hardly eats a thing apart from cereal and sometimes if he shares with me but before we never had this problem and he could eat from his own plate.
Helen Murdoch
what age should you stop using a high chair for meal times?
Sorry if this has already been covered (only just joined). Is it normal for an 18 month old to dislike salad? Thanks
Saddy N
My daughter is 13 months old and she likes to snack throughout the day. Whenever we are eating she wants to have some of it. Even when she sees someone she doesn’t know she still points at their food. How do I stop this behaviour?
he's always been a very sicky child from when he was born
I think he is scared of food you are right
Saddy N
Thank you!