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Climate Conversation: Jobs in the Green Economy - Shared screen with speaker view
Finn Mauritzen
Finn Mauritzen. Tried to organize worker cooperatives on Long Island. Anyone else interested in worker cooperatives in the energy field.
Leola Specht
Leola from JSA Sustainable Wealth Management in Rhinebeck -- found out from SHV!
Chris Paraoan
Hello Everyone! Chris Paraoan here from Texas. I found out about this program from the Climate Reality Project.
Pat Courtney-Strong
I found out from Citizens for Local Power!
Eli Schloss
Eli Schloss, Hudson River Sloop Clearwater, I'm on the SHV email list. Hoping to be able to share this info with the students who take part in our programs.
gail liebhaber
Hi Melissa - great to see you continuing this much needed work. I am a relocate career coach from Cambridge in Rhinebeck.
Mary Hegarty
found out about this event from the college enviro consortium listserv. I work at Westchester Community College and want to share this info with our students. mary.hegarty@sunywcc.edu
Ashley Knox
Greetings Everyone, Ashley Knox here from Go Beyond Greatness Inc, ashley@gobeyondgreatness.org
Jessica Clegg
Jess Clegg, Citizens for Local Power, coordinator@citizensforlocalpower.org. I look forward to speaking with you all!
Tomasine Oliphant
Tomasine Oliphant, Ulster County Office of Employment and Training and Ulster County Workforce Development Board, toli@co.ulster.ny.us. Thank you all for joining us today!
Nichole Liebov
Hi, Nichole Liebov, AAAS Science & Technology Policy Fellow at DOE. I heard about this through NYSERDA’s social media.
Barbara Reer
Barbara Reer, Assistant Dean Workforce, SUNY Ulster - offering training for jobs for the new economy both credit bearing and non-credit bearing courses as well as micro-credentials and CEUs - been part of this discussion of green jobs/training for many years - great to see so many women on this webinar
Marcy Cleveland
Hi, Everyone. Marcy Cleveland here from Hudson Valley Green Homes. I got the go ahead to put together a Green Jobs Academy for the Pine Bush High School. : - ) So, this webinar is of super interest to me.
Wesley Kra
Hello Everyone !Im Wesley,a Senior atManhattanville College ,looking for opportunities to start working in the “ Green “ industry
Andrew Willner
Let's not forget about the need for green jobs in the post carbon shipping and ship building sector. The Wooden Boat School at the Hudson River Maritime Museum is already and involved with green job programs.
Jessica Clegg
Great point, Andrew!
Melissa Everett
Andy, before you came on I mentioned that you would be doing the webinar on that next time, on the 14th. At the end feel free to say a little more!
David Arons
Hi everyone. Dave Arons here. I'm at Westchester Community College, Director of CTE degree programs and we'd like to improve our green collar job career pathways. I'd love to connect with some of you around how to build out our green jobs pipeine with associates degree/certifications on ramps. Thank you for this webinar.
Betta Broad
Great video!!
Ashley Knox
Great video!
Jessica Clegg
It’s such an amazing story, thank you!
Marcy Cleveland
That video makes me soooo happy!
Tomasine Oliphant
Andrew Willner
Will there be a PON for developing jobs in clean/carbon neutral transportation including moving goods and people by water in a carbon constrained future?
Asher Pacht
Hello, I'm Asher Pacht, I direct Environmental Programs for students and public at Clarkson University's Beacon Institute. Hoping to share opportunities with our educational audiences. Thank you for the webinar! Heard about it from the Env consortium listserv
kate schmidt
Gwendolyn, is there any money for an after school program in a disadvantaged city for 13 to 17 year olds for green job skills?
Marcy Cleveland
I love NYSERDA... just saying... Such a leader in promoting and funding these Green programs!!!
Andrew Willner
Train, individuals and organizations:Partnering with other enterprises and organizations The Center will provide a physical place where professional practitioners and apprentices can participate in theory and practice workshops for preserving the skills of the past to serve the futureThe Center will host regional, national, and international conferences on post carbon logistics, traditional skills, and sail freightThe Center will provide educational opportunities and creative, implementable, real world solutions to the 21st century environmental, economic, and social crises enabling people to work locally to transition our communities and bio-region away from a fossil fuel-based economy to a “restorative economy,” one that is human-scaled, embraces alternative locally based energy, and that is less extractive.
Andrew Willner
FYI: https://postcarbonlogistics.org/about/
Jessica Clegg
Hi, here’s the link for the Green Jobs Internship information and application: https://www.empowerkingston.org/greenjobs
Betta Broad
Yes, love Melissa and SHV! :)
Melissa Everett
Melissa Everett
I think there is a regional collaboration in the making
gail liebhaber
this has been a great intro for me to what is moving and shaking in HV. Impressive to this newbie. Thank you til next time. gail@yourcareerdirection.com
David Arons
Can we receive the Nyserda pp explaining all the programs and impact?
Gwendolyn Bluemich
@David - Yes! I will share with Melissa so she can send it to everyone.
Melissa Everett
This recording will be on www.sustainhv.org shortly and we can provide the presentations directly on request
Betta Broad
Such important points, Ashley! How do we reach younger people about these career pathways?
Marcy Cleveland
Awesome, Ashley!!!
Janet Lenichek
Janet here from Sierra Club in Buffalo.
Asher Pacht
Count me in for follow ups/partnerships - apacht@clarkson.edu
Shannon Hargrove
Thank you everyone! Please include me in follow up communication- shargrov@stac.edu
Janet Lenichek
I like the fact that city kids are getting this opportunity for internships, etc. Is there a way to let kids out in the rural towns know about these jobs and opportunities? It seems like so many rural youth have no idea about these career options in green collar jobs.
Marcy Cleveland
There is an education group at my local Climate Reality Chapter who would be VERY interested in collaborating. Thinking Ashokan Center would be interested as well.
Nichole Liebov
Thank you all for your fantastic presentations! I’d also like to be included in follow-up communications–nichole.liebov@ee.doe.gov
Betta Broad
Thank you all so much! Let’s be in touch soon!
Betta Broad
My info: betta@nyforcleanpower.org 917-843-8815
Chris Paraoan
Thank you everyone. I have to jump
Janet Lenichek
Yes, this is a great program focusing on green jobs. Much more focus in public education needs to occur.
Melissa Everett
This is an info-mercial for our next program. Come back on May 14 everyone!!!
Eli Schloss
Great presentations everyone! Clearwater will share this information widely. Thank you
Finn Mauritzen
yes. start worker owned companies
Janet Lenichek
Thanks to all! I have to run. Great program!
Andrew Willner
Thank you. Got to go. Stay in touch.