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Dialogue Masterclass - March Niki Parry - Shared screen with speaker view
sarah gibson
Can I just add, Niki you are an incredible presenter
Karen McCann
Here at Metro South, we have engaged a number of peer workers specific to the AOD service -2 at Logan Adolescent Drug Dependencies Early Response Service (LADDERS), and one on the Logan Inpatient Ward (2C - Short Stay Unit - 72 hr assessment service). Quite a few come with an AOD experience and have been a benefit when working with our inpatient consumers - there are some similarities across both mental health and AOD experiences. When we advertise for peer workers, we include on the PD the lived/living experience requirement of' mental health and/or addiction issue's. Is there a better way (language) of articulating this requirement?
Karen McCann
Karen McCann
Fern Hunter
AODs Gold Coast says it’s harm reduction focused, but a lot of their supports are contingent upon being abstinent to access them, so that’s not actually the case.
Karen McCann
Fern Hunter
Further to my previous comment, the peer support group is one of the things that people are unable to access unless they’re not currently using.
Peter Nisbet
Thanks so much for a great presentation and advocacy — a great Masterclass.Harm reduction seems like the way to go, for Recovery services.We need more Alcohol and Drug Peer Workers, as well as Mental Health Peer Workers.What can we do?We need to do better, indeed.Thank you.Lived experience / Living experience as expertise + training / upskilling ✅ AND more funding! ✅
Peter Nisbet
YES! Sounds great 👍
Simone Leslie
Thank you so much!
Peter Nisbet
Thank you all 🙏
Fern Hunter
Thanks so much Niki, & thanks Donna!
Karen McCann
Nikki and Donna....thanks for a very informative session. I look forward to seeing the presentation slides.