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Equity Blueprint Breakfasts - Shared screen with speaker view
Dane Smith
For Amy: How concerned should we be about private sector and corporate partners now deprioritizing or pausing on climate action and sustainable growth as they cope with more immediate challenges of pandemic?
Brad Griffith
What has been your reception with corporations and government officials? More directly; what has been the push-back?
Noelle Muzzy (she/her/hers)
Do the companies you work with market their sustainability work? If so how do they share their sustainability efforts so consumers know and attract new consumers?
Alix Dvorak
How are the Sustainable Growth Coalition’s members engaging their employees on their initiatives? How has employee support / lack of support affected their efforts?
Dane Smith
Thanks so much Amy for harnessing power of private sector for sustainability. It's profitable!
Timothy DenHerder-Thomas
A key piece of equity (and particularly climate and environmental justice) is the continual process of building economic and climate resilience for and by low-income and BIPOC communities via enabling local communities to build greater control over the economic sectors they need to secure food, housing, energy, transportation, and other key basic needs and to ensure that wealth and decision-making power increasingly vests to communities most impacted. This objective is (at minimum) in creative conflict with a private sector approach to sustainability (often about providing services for communities, but not always with or by sharing wealth and power). How are you seeing the private sector start to address that conflict?
Bjorgvin Saevarsson Yorth Group
Timothy, most companies only use circular economy in the sense of material management. They panic over packaging and plastics. I would call that circular silos, which is just how things have always been done, and never worked. There is much room to improve.
Alix Dvorak
Because the climate runway is now so short, the risks of either setting goals that are too low and/or of not hitting targets is very consequential. What are you seeing in terms of companies working at the speed that science requires? How are you thinking about ambition and action?
Alix Dvorak
Thank you Pete and Tennant for the leadership you’re showing!
Alix Dvorak
Thanks, Amy!
Brad Griffith
Thanks to ALL for the discussion!