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VECAN Lunch and Learn - Transportation Transformation Opportunities - Shared screen with speaker view
Jack Widness
Jack Cushman
Jack Cushman, Norwich / Sierra Club
Eric Brattstrom
eric brattstrom 350.org,sierra club, friends of the mad river
Carl Bucholt, Manchester, Earth Matters
Carl Bucholt, Earth Matters (a 350VT node), & member of Conservation Commission in Manchester
Ian Hitchcock
Followup questions for Robb - Robb.kidd@sierraclub.org
Ian Hitchcock
Wendy, I am seeing Robb fine
Becca White
Johanna Miller
Welcome, Representative White! (House Transportation Committee member and H.94 sponsor!)
Becca White
Thank you for hosting this VECAN/VNRC and Sierra Club! I'll be reporting back to the members so I'm looking forward to this groups questions.
Ian Hitchcock
If folks have questions for Robb as he’s going along, feel free to post them in the chat here!
Bob McKearin
Bob McKearin, Burlington - interested citizen member: Sierra Club and VNRC
Richard Butz
Why do we budget for the total cost of an electric bus and not just the difference between diesel and electric when replacing a diesel bus as part of a normal replacement program?
Linda Gray, Norwich
is the current chair of House Transp a solid advocate for these climate initiatives?
Cheryl Hogan
I'm a resident in Vermont interested in rural efforts. The heavy-duty sector plays a big role here in emissions, especially with heavy volumes through vulnerable communities. Vermont had a plan with Federal hwy admin to reroute all heavy-duty out of our towns and villages--do you know where we are with that? Infrasructure across all rural Vt landscape is fundamental.
Chapin Kaynor
Suggestion... Let's have the power companies finance the additional cost of battery electric busses by purchasing the batteries and leasing them back to the transit providers! It is a good investment for the utilities that can sell the electricity to charge them and then use them after their useful bus life for grid storage.
Rebecca Mitchell
living and working two miles from Woodstock, it would be great to ride a bike there, but roads are busy! I know it costs a lot to put in bike lanes. I will continue to look for an ev or hybrid to drive...
Todd Tyson
Will the recent $24M federal transit grant be able to be invested in EV community transit vans to replace gas/diesel vans?
DavId Blittersdorf
We need a tax for road usage and not on the fuel/energy used to power them. EV’s do not reduce carbon to zero. Only about half as the total carbon cycle is not accounted for. Lots of embedded carbon in the car, batteries and also the infrastructure (roads, bridges, salting, etc)
Susan Smiley
Susan Smiley New Haven Interested Citizen
Daniel Wright
Will these slides be up at sierra club website? The opportunities one wd be esp. helpful to share with my energy committee
Richard Butz
Richard Butz, Vermont Interfaith Power and Light and Bristol Energy Com.
Sally Burrell
Sally B. Bristol Energy Committee, Climate Economy Action Center.
Ian Hitchcock
steve@worldvista.net - Steve Bower - Richmond Electric charging station
DavId Blittersdorf
A Vermont Transit Authority is critical for integrating ALL transit methods like walking/biking/bus/rail. Transit needs to be reliable, low cost, interconnected, easy to use and available to all.
Eric Brattstrom
What about interstate highway fast charge -direct current locations?
Robb Kidd/Sierra Club Vermont
Answer Richard's question. The state budget's the total cost of an E- Bus to acknowledge the costs, but in general the bus is being replaced. The data out today states that the long term costs are cheaper, but the initial upfront costs are higher.
Robb Kidd/Sierra Club Vermont
To Answer Linda's Question: Chair Diane Lanpher is very much concerned with climate, but tries to maintain a fair and balanced approach to the committee.
Robb Kidd/Sierra Club Vermont
To Answer David's Question: The Vermont Transit Authority is in H.94 and I think it will make it into the TBill, the Governor's staff has been quite on that.
DavId Blittersdorf
It’s a lower total cost for a town to install a simple, cheap $350 level 2 charger and allow free charging. The cost of the electricity over 10 years is lower than the high cost of paid for chargers.
Todd Tyson
Todd Tyson, Tunbridge EC....WFVR’s GreenZine (folkbloke@gmail.com)
Robb Kidd/Sierra Club Vermont
If you want my slide presentation email me robb.kidd@sierraclub.org
Sally Burrell
heading to work…. Thank you so much! I’ll check the recording later. Great info!
Robb Kidd/Sierra Club Vermont
Rebecca Mitchell: Some of the Grant opportunities are for developing bike lanes, paths and sidewalks.
Robb Kidd/Sierra Club Vermont
Gary Halloway, at AACD is the lead for the EVSE program.
Robb Kidd/Sierra Club Vermont
To answer David's question on road fees. As cars are becoming more efficient and greater numbers of EVS the revenues from the tax revenues are decreasing. The state is starting to explore on how to develop a user fee that is on par with the gas tax.
Bekah Kuster
Guiding Question: Based on what you heard, what transportation projects do you think could be most helpful for your community, and what challenges would you anticipate trying to make them a reality?
Johanna Miller
Please also know that we are always looking for good ideas for future webinars. Please do share ideas with us today or anytime@