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David Gushee with the Anderson Forum for Progressive Theology - Gallery view
Joseph Oppermann
both books are on Audible and they are great!
Robert Rife
I just ordered Still Christian!
David Johnson
Still Christian: Following Jesus Out of Evangelicalism and After Evangelicalism: The Path to a New Christianity
Robert Rife
Absolutely! I’m a pastor seeking to journey with many others, like myself, who are finding this new way.
Cameron Trimble
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Dianne King
David G — I’m wondering whether you see current churches filling the void for ex-evangelicals, or new types of churches filling that void, or something else/nothing else?
David Reinhart
Do you have advice for mainline protestant churches that want to invite former evangelicals? What can we mainliners (ELCA myself) do to welcome and work together with our siblings in Christ?
Debra Dunn
Please let David Gushee know he has been profoundly encouraging to me and that I appreciate his humility and kindness and his obvious love for Jesus. He is both a model and a challenge to seek Jesus first as I go through my own post-evangelical faith transition.
Cameron Trimble
John Dennis
Great answers to questions