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ESEA Office Hours - Shared screen with speaker view
Elizabeth Duncan
Can you please put that link in the chat?
CDE: Emily Owen
USDE Resource: https://www2.ed.gov/documents/coronavirus/reopening-2.pdf
CDE: Emily Owen
CDPHE Link to COVID-19 Dial Dashboard: https://covid19.colorado.gov/data/covid-19-dial-dashboard
Greg Fieth
We don't have to go back into the past, only moving forward correct?
Laura Gorman
Could you give a suggestion of where we continue to post these in future years (e.g. 22-23 or into 23-24) as I imagine we will not want this front & center on our website due to many of these things not occurring as won't be wearing masks & are amending quarantines (& hopefully none of that by 22-23)
Laura Gorman
Ok - thanks
Dana Scott
Hi everyone!
Veronica Bradsby
Can we purchase hot spots and devices using this $ just for Foster Care kiddos even if the district provides this for students?
Elizabeth Duncan
Does access to meals mean we can support lost revenue in our Food Services fund? We are 90% free and reduced lunch.
Veronica Bradsby
Perfect. Thank you
CDE: Niko Kaloudis
@Elizabeth ESSER funds can do that in general
Shiela Moore
When will the AFR for ESSER I be on the website?
Vince Jackson
Does the plan need to posted to the homepage or can it be a link?
Lana Niehans
HI I am not familiar with the year end process for ESSER I
Sandra Nees
Can ESSR replace revenue loss in daycare options?
Tatyana Glushko
Hello, as long as ESSER1 funds are spend down by 9/30, no need for PAR? thanks!
Greg Fieth
We were down 1,100 students (FPC) from October Count 2019 to October Count 2020. Most of these students were at the elementary level, where our student to teacher ratio is 25:1. This means that we could have reduced our teaching staff by 44. We did not lay off any employees during the pandemic. This also allowed us to maintain proper social distancing when we returned to in person learning. Is it appropriate and reasonable to offset 44 teachers salary and benefits to ESSER III?
CDE: Kristin Crumley
@Vince, the plan does not need to be on the home page. It does need to be linked somewhere on the district webpage, and that link also needs to be in your ESSER III application under that assurance.
Laura Gorman
Not sure if Grants Fiscal is on, but if we have final approval on ESSER 2 can we submit for reimbursement or do we have to wait for the GAL? I don't think we have received our GAL just yet.
Lana Niehans
I thought ESSER I ended 9-30-2022?
CDE: Niko Kaloudis
@Greg Yep, that's a great use of ESSER funds! Imclude all of those details in the description for those salary and benefit line items.
CDE - Steven Kaleda
@Laura I am working on GALS today and tomorrow, but once you receive notification of final approval, the district is able to do request reimbursement
Laura Gorman
Do all charters in our district have to have the Safe in Person Plans posted for that whole timeframe or is it just the LEA -- I thought before it was stated that it was the LEA? Want to give them some guidance. I assume for monitoring it's the LEA site that will be looked at?
CDE: Kristin Crumley
Correct, Laura. We will look at the LEA's site. Charters have the option of creating their own but that's not a requirement.
Lana Niehans
Thanks I misunderstood the cut off.
Greg Fieth
We are providing transportation for students for summer school. We have a standard trip rate (based off of mileage, average driver rates, maintenance, etc) that we charge for field trips, extra curricular activities, etc. We are using that trip rate to calculate the cost of providing transportation for summer school. Since we are using the trip rate, do we need to get time and effort for those drivers (drivers clock into our time system and do not turn in time cards)?
Shiela Moore
When will the AFR for ESSER I be on the website?
Greg Fieth
We have several administrators who are the site coordinators for the summer school program. Some of them are still under contract, but can't complete their normal end of year duties due to being in charge of the summer school. We have set the expectation that they still have to complete their end of year duties outside of the summer school schedule. However, it may appear that they are being paid double for their time when in fact they are not. How do we document this appropriately?
Greg Fieth
Thanks, I thought so but just wanted to confirm
Laura Gorman
I'm sorry, but another question -- if we had only 19-20 & 20-21 expenditures in ESSER 1 and we will have a small portion of the 20-21 expenditures not spent out by end of June 2021 (& likely not by Sept. 30 2021) I understand this will carryover -- then do we do a carryover application?
La Veta Jim Moore
Sorry if redundant... admin would like to charge to E-3 this FY, though our application won't likely be ready until September. What's your advice to admin?
Laura Gorman
Yes it does -- thanks
La Veta Jim Moore
Thanks, that's what I said before!
Maribeth Kemp
Will the consolidated application be re-opened when the Title V funds are posted in September
Greg Fieth
THANK YOU for everything!!
Connie Florell
Delilah - Can you stay on for a question?
Connie Florell
Thank you!