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Job Retention Scheme Webinar with Tax Partner Tracey Watts and Ramsay Paterson LLP - Shared screen with speaker view
Marketing AlbertGoodman
Question from @imac5 My next pay run for a fortnightly payroll is 3rd July and this is paying 12th June- 24th June and then another payrun 17th July will cover 25th June - 2nd July, do I need to straddle this?
Heidi Mikulla
will the furlough wage use the new minimum wage ?
kelly.di notaro
Heidi, Tracey is just about to cover this.
kelly.di notaro
imac5, you will have until 31 July to deal with the CJRS claims relating to June, and for the period ended 24 June, this will all be under the normal rules. For your second payroll period, there is likely to be two claims here, one for 25 - 30 June and the other for the days in July. You will need to consider how best the July claim can sit, as the new scheme will require a minimum of 7 days, unless where this covers the start/end of a month.
if i have already done the CJRS for june can I do another one?
Sarah Hunter
Can I just ask staff to work from home for 20% of their normal hours and for them to be able to work those hours whenever they want to?
kelly.di notaro
imac5, under both CJRS and FFS it is not possible to submit a claim online for a period already claimed for. If an error has been made in a claim that has resulted in an overclaimed amount, you should be able to tell HMRC about this as part of your next claim. Where no further claims are planned, HMRC are currently working on a process to inform them of overclaimed amounts. The guidance says that where an error has resulted in an underclaimed amount, you should contact HMRC to amend the claim. Tracey mentioned that although we are not advocating it, depending on the adjustments required, businesses may take a practical approach of adjusting errors in future claim calculations.
it’s not a over claim it will be an underclass as I did it based on pay dates and not when worked so I didn’t include the payton’s that will be run on 3rd and 17th July which cover 12th - 30th June!
kelly.di notaro
imac5, where you have already made a CJRS claim to 30 June, unfortunately you will not be able to submit another online with overlapping dates. I would suggest you contact HMRC directly to amend the claim amounts previously submitted. They can be contacted on 0800 024 1222 or on the webchat service https://www.tax.service.gov.uk/ask-hmrc/webchat/job-retention-scheme?_ga=2.31950967.876427485.1590487826-1158729708.1585562685
Should we take 'bring people back' literally, or is it possible to re-furlough someone on a part time basis for 1 week minimum from 1 July if they were furloughed earlier in the CJRS and were back up to the end of June?
Carol Turner
If someone has to self isolate due to having symptoms, can they be re-furloughed rather than be put on SSP?
kelly.di notaro
Claire, so long as an employee was previously furloughed for a minimum period of 3 weeks at any point before 30 June (e.g. 3 weeks in May and then returned to work full time until now), they can then be flexibly furloughed from 1 July. For such employees, the furlough period from 1 July is what is needed by the employer and there is no minimum furlough period required. The claim periods submitted for the grant from 1 July will however need to cover at least a 7 day period.
an employee not furloughed had to self isolate on 10th june so he was put on SSP but if he has to extend time off by shielding can he be furloughed after the initial 14 day SSP
Colin Barrell
sorry, I got to the meeting late, will the slides be available later today? Thanks Colin
Do we have to try the scheme before going down the route of redundancy? We just do not have enough work for everyone and I think that we could go through the stress of setting up the scheme and then end up with redundancies anyway.
Thank you, that was really helpful.
Amy Mcgowan
Can we use members from our staff rep forum as elected reps for collective consultation ?can we ask for volunteers from this group or do they need to vote for reps (I understand we can decide on what areas need to be represented).
I have leavers that we placed on furlough which was fine whilst we are able to claim without additional cost tot he business, as of July we need to pay NI etc and then Aug contribute 10% can I now exit them.
kelly.di notaro
Carol Turner, assuming the employee was previously furloughed for a minimum of 3 consecutive weeks at any point prior to 30 June, with a CJRS claim made, they will then be eligible to the new FFS from 1 July.
Is there any indication of guidance being issued for returning employees who have been off shielding?
Margaret Strudwick Twenty Twenty HR
It has been very useful and insightful perspective, beyond some other calls I have attended. Thank you very people focused
Louise Russ
Thank you - this has been very useful. Are the slides available?
Thank you both
thank you
Thank you ever so much both
thank you
Amy Mcgowan
thank you both
kelly.di notaro
Colin Barrell, the slides will be available in the next few days (if not today)