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Conducting Title IX Hearings After the Cardona Decision: New Guidance and Best Practices - Shared screen with speaker view
Nona Johnson
Welcome to Dallas/1
Ryan Thompson
My 2 cents on previous question: While applying your old "policy" and definitions etc, I would likely apply the new hearing "procedures."
Kristal Gibson
I think we should lean more heavily on the investigation stage. With the review of draft reports process in the regs, parties have the opportunity to propose questions for witnesses and parties at that stage before the report is final. New information should not be coming up at the hearing. Having the opportunity at that stage still affords due process.
Kristi Pendleton
I agree Kristal. The investigation report becomes crucial in this situation.
Eric Kidwell
I've always questioned the value of the cross-examinations, particularly since the Advisor can be anyone a party wants. I think bottom line it's the training of your Decision-maker and Investigators (and thereby the quality of the investigative report) that is going to carry the day and provide fairness to both parties.
Kristal Gibson
It says you can't make an inference "solely" because they did not show up. If you have another reason-- like they refused particular Q's and they are "squirrelly"
Gabriel Ramirez
Direct is not cross
Ryan Thompson
I think we must also keep in mind that a court could find (especially if done by a school post-Cardona) that the suppression of critical evidence may deny due process to one of the parties.
Constance Schriver Cervantes
Thank you all for the presentation.
Kimberley Pert
Thank you all for the guidance! Looking forward to reading your book, Dan!
Angela Catena
Congrats! A novel is a HUGE accomplishment!
Tammy Tabor
Thank you
Keith James
Congrats, Dan. Hopeful to read the book soon!
Kelley Taylor
Thanks, all, for your time and wisdom!
Ryan Thompson
Great job, you four. … Looking forward to the book, Dan.
Lisa Winter
thank you!