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The Value of Distributed Renewable Energy - Shared screen with speaker view
JOE Dubaniewicz
What kind of SEER can I get from my heat pump? Comparing to an A/C?
JOE Dubaniewicz
Are there funding schemes that reduce the cost of solar for low income households? And community solar?
Don Ferber
Perhaps the issue of where solar needs to be installed is not either or, but and. We need as much renewable energy installed as quickly, and affordably as possible. We do need to be concerned about siting in rural areas, but there can be plenty of good locations, and with appropriate plantings in solar farms, in some cases, can also help restore the soil.
Jason Heindel
Solar needs to be installed w/ battery storage for it to truly useful. Otherwise you have a generating asset that does no good if the power goes out...
JOE Dubaniewicz
I worked with the IL CEJA act with Clean Power Lake County.
Jason Heindel
Excellent news on microgrids