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Q&A with DHS and MDH - Shared screen with speaker view
Jen Williamson
As a provider -- we had an individual need to go to nursing home for an ankle injury; non-weight bearing. the home is 1:4 staffing ratio, not handicapp accessible -- we see concerns with receiving her back to the home as she will need more support. Service termination suitable?
Emily Murphy
ARRM Admin
Links from DHS on DWRS Cost Reporting:DWRS Cost Reporting Website: Includes the schedule and resources from last year. Will be updated as new information becomes available https://mn.gov/dhs/partners-and-providers/news-initiatives-reports-workgroups/long-term-services-and-supports/disability-waiver-rates-system/cost-reporting.jspDWRS Cost Reporting Manual: https://www.dhs.state.mn.us/main/idcplg?IdcService=GET_DYNAMIC_CONVERSION&RevisionSelectionMethod=LatestReleased&dDocName=DWRS-HOMEDSD Email Subscriptions: Sign up to receive notifications on Cost Reporting and other topics at https://mn.gov/dhs/general-public/publications-forms-resources/email-subscriptions/Email address for technical assistance: dhs.DWRScostreporting@state.mn.us.Responses to requests can take up to three business days. DHS suggests reaching out for help sooner rather than later.