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DFAN Masterclass : Disruptive innovation - Lab to Scale - Shared screen with speaker view
Godavarma CK
How such distruptive idea get conceptualized ? How the hypothesis get validated as most of these are first time ones
Gulmohar Apts
Liked the Ganesh-Kartikey metaphor:) - micro leap- frog!
Godavarma CK
Can we map TRL phases with idea development phase such as PoC / MVP and so on ?
Godavarma CK
Since your ideas are focusing on solving india's problems (for masses), keen to understand how do you address the list mile challenges for idea adoption (due to cultural changes / social set up) and so on ? how these aspects part of idea validation / idea development
Gulmohar Apts
You mentioned academia and its start-ups. How do you collaborate with other institutes eg: IITB-SINE etc and sometimes minimise re-discovery?
Shivram Shivhare
right Sir
Ajay Muttreja
How do you define ‘Biggest societal impact’?
Godavarma CK
full scale prototype. that's not how typically done in software platforms / SaaS. how do we justify cost associated with full scale prototype
Saiprasad Poyarekar
Sir, Going to market early is tempting as you said, but how is decide the right time from business side?
Prateek TC
Hi sir, thank you for the session. When bringing a deep tech solution to the market, sometimes, there are behavioural changes required from the consumers. How shall a company navigate the resistance to change smoothly?
NIlekh Kumar
What are the possibility of associating Industry experts with Your innovation start-up ideas to make innovation widely accepted in Industry ?
Roshan D
how can we connect again and discuss the:1) possibility of investments?2)Find a legacy project for any one of us to get involved in
Ganesh Viswanathan
A brilliant session. A shining star on the horizon. We are honored
Sudeep Saxena
how can startups.collaborate with Academia and enhance their Technologies
Ajay Muttreja
Excellent answer on Biggest Societal Impact
Sandeep Gupta
Sir, I don't have a fully tech based start-up but since I am into supply of products /materials like Tiles/Sanitaryware/ Kitchen Appliances used in Interiors of homes/offices and customers have to make multiple visits to our Market in Jaipur to select and buy these products; I have registered a domain www.gharofficeinfra.com to help them compare products fron various brands and segments and select them from the comfort of their home/office and finalise most of them in one or two visits. Do you think it could help to solve that problem of multiple visits of customers to the market - Sandeep
Prateek TC
Thank you
Godavarma CK
Ajay Muttreja
Thank you very much