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Oleochemicals: the Use of Palm Oil in the Home and Personal Care Industry - Shared screen with speaker view
Emily Fripp
yes ok
Daniel Salter
At Tesco, we are aiming for 100% RSPO Segregated by Jan 1st 2021 for all palm derivatives. We hope other retailers will join us!
Bob Norman
If SG is not possible in the near term, what assurances can be made on the non-sustainable part of the mass balance product in terms of NDPE compliance?
Daniel Salter
The key volumes of MB palm oil derivatives we have left can technically be moved to SG but our suppliers always say that they need more demand. Time for us (retailers) to bring that demand!
Samuel Lee-Gammage
No questions, just thanks very much Chris!
Sonia Deary
Thanks so much! Great conversation
Daniel Salter
Thank you