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Debate on the Environment - Shared screen with speaker view
Greg Van de Mosselaer
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Cynthia Chataway
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Bailey Gardien
QN2. Canada ratified the Paris Agreement to limit global warming but only committed to decreasing carbon emissions by 40-45% by 2030, when current science dictates at least 60%. Worse, we are failing to meet even these inadequate targets as the only G7 nation whose carbon emissions are steadily rising. Of all countries monitored, Canada ranks 58th lowest out of 61 for implementing the Paris Agreement. The recently passed Canadian Net-Zero Emissions Accountability Act for the first time ever commendably formalizes the federal government’s commitment to net-zero emissions by 2050 but contains a critical loophole. 5 yearly target reassessments only begin in 2030 - too late - as climate experts tell us we only have about a decade left to avert catastrophic climate instability.
Bailey Gardien
IF ELECTED would you commit to making it law that all sectors decrease emissions by 60% below 2005 levels by 2030?AND would you commit to establishing the first target assessment under the new Canadian Net-Zero Emissions Accountability Act to be in 2026?
Bailey Gardien
QN3. The International Energy Agency and others state Canada cannot achieve net zero emissions by 2050 without rapid transition off fossil fuels. This includes withdrawal from pipelines such as Transmountain which is a losing proposition not only due to its devastating environmental impact but also monetarily. The Parliamentary Budget Office itself recently stated that “if policy action on climate change continues to become more stringent, it is possible for the Trans Mountain assets to have a negative … value". Furthermore major insurers globally are increasingly withdrawing insurance coverage of pipelines, making them inoperable.
Bailey Gardien
IF ELECTED would you urgently commit to:1)- withdraw further funding and subsidies of pipelines and fossil fuel initiatives and redirect funding to green renewable resources2)- ban burning of coal in Canada and coal exports with no further investments in new coal plants3)- divest all government holdings such as the Canada Pension Plan from fossil fuel exposure and divert these to green investments
Bailey Gardien
QN4: Carbon Pricing places a price on carbon reflecting the social cost of emitting a volume of carbon today that will be resultant on people in the future. The overwhelming majority of economists agree that implemented properly, this is the most powerful yet lowest cost tool for achieving rapid and significant reductions in greenhouse gas emissions. Many authorities including the International Monetary Fund confirm that Canada can realize significant benefits far outweighing the costs of carbon pricing especially from the savings in health care costs alone.
Bailey Gardien
IF ELECTED please specify your commitments to carbon pricing in detail including any progressive increases over time and specific timelines.
Bailey Gardien
Bailey Gardien
QL1. Our riding of Mississauga-Lakeshore enjoys a unique environmental situation on the beautiful shores of Lake Ontario with its complex relationship with the wetland ecosystem of Rattray Marsh. For years the lake has been subject to multiple forms of environmental degradation ranging from pollution to invasive species, micro-plastics and many others. Rattray Marsh has also been ravaged by invasive species, infestation with the Emerald Ash Borer linked to climate change, and silt deposition due to upstream urban sprawl and construction.
Bailey Gardien
With the Great Lakes being under federal jurisdiction what do you identify as the top priorities related to the health and future of Lake Ontario?IF ELECTED what measures would you commit to protect Lake Ontario and the adjacent wetland ecosystems in our riding?
Bailey Gardien
CL2. In June 2019 the City of Mississauga officially declared a climate emergency. An in-depth city performance review was conducted to establish our city’s first Climate Action Plan. The review showed Mississauga’s carbon emissions stem predominantly from 2 sectors: buildings followed by transportation. To reduce these emissions, we need deep building retrofits and to increase cycling, walking, transit use, and electric vehicles. This would also improve air quality and community health while generating 290,000 full time jobs.
Bailey Gardien
IF ELECTED how would you address each of these sectors locally in our riding from a federal level while creating green jobs?Specifically will you commit to the following:- 1) more low carbon transportation options?- 2) incentives for deep building retrofits?- 3) increased capacity for clean renewable electricity to replace fossil fuels?
Bailey Gardien
QL3. Canada and Mississauga are warming at twice the global average. By 2050, increased damage from extreme heat and wind events is forecast, and more basement flooding due to more frequent and intense precipitation as well as shifts in flood plains due to increased run off affecting properties downstream from urban sprawl construction upstream. The elderly, very young, and socioeconomically disadvantaged are most vulnerable to extreme heat, while low- and middle income citizens may suffer disproportionate financial, physical and mental health impacts following any such events.
Bailey Gardien
IF ELECTED what policies will you put in place to protect these vulnerable populations and how would you integrate the new Federal Adaptation Policy Framework?
Bailey Gardien
QL4. The Climate Caucus (CC) is a non-partisan network of elected climate leaders driving system change at a local community level in the critical ten years remaining to mitigate the future uncontrolled escalation of the climate crisis. The Climate Caucus creates and implements environmental policy within a social justice framework advocating at provincial, territorial and federal levels. Their work is guided by the Nobel prize winning science of the IPCC (Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change), and IPBES (The Intergovernmental Science Policy Platform on Biodiversity and Ecosystem Services).
Bailey Gardien
IF ELECTED will you commit to joining the All-Party Climate Caucus to work collaboratively with MPs from across the aisle on policy solutions YES or NO?
Bailey Gardien
QA1. Indigenous people play a critical role in environmental solutions. A new report shows advocacy grounded in Indigenous rights have stopped or delayed nearly 1.6 billion tonnes of greenhouse gas emissions per year in North America or nearly 25% of the combined emissions of the US and Canada equalling 400 new coal-fired power plants.
Bailey Gardien
IF ELECTED will you implement the United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples and calls to Action in the Truth and Reconciliation Commission?Will you invest in Indigenous-led land-use planning and the establishment of Indigenous Protected and Conserved Areas?
Bailey Gardien
QA2. The inter-related pandemic and environmental crises have shone a light on deep inequities within our society.IF ELECTED will you commit to a green and just pandemic recovery?What would you do to address how Indigenous peoples and persons of colour, women, and other marginalized groups have been disproportionately affected by both the pandemic and our environmental crises?