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HDC Board Meeting - Shared screen with speaker view
Cheryl Calloway
Good evening everyone
Moishe Kasowitz
My apologies but I must leave at 7:45 to lead services tonight.
Barb Klussendorf
Kurt and Barb Klussendorf, 699 Woodlawn in Highland ParkThe planned development at 706 MRB.We and a lot of the community think the building as planned is too massive and would loom over the site and the Mississippi River Corridor.I expect we all know that improved zoning for the River Corridor is imminent for Saint Paul. The city has been working on it for years, its more than a little bit overdue. This Critical Area zoning will reduce the allowable height for the site from their planned 50’ to 35’. That should be the target for development on this site.3 requests:• Let’s Implement MRCCA zoning overlay ASAP.• Meantime, we should adopt a moratorium on nonconforming development such as this.• Let’s get this project in front of the planning commission.