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Touching Hydrogen Future - Launch Webinar and Q and A - Shared screen with speaker view
Peter Campbell
Good morning from Brussels, good job with Energy Post and the Hydrogen Future stories. I am working in Renewables / Hydrogen at Shell !
Anjana Das
Good morning from India, I am working on green hydrogen, this is great interest of me
Matthew James - Energy Post
Good morning everyone. Please put your questions to the panel using the Q and A tab
Jürgen Pfeiffer
Good morning from Hamburg/Germany, great to be part of the H2-wave and have a look into the near future. I’m working as moderator, host and MoC in all sectors of energy transition and hydrogen business issues. Looking forward to the exchange with you all.
Piotr Zawistowski
Good morning from Poland. I’m working for energy exchange, I’m energy market expert and
Andrii Bondar
Hello everyone! Happy to be here!
Jens Mosselmans
Good morning from Brussels! Many thanks to Erik and colleagues for this interesting webinar! I am working on energy transition files at NautaDutilh (lawyer public and regulatory). This webinar is also of great interest to me.
Salwa El-Samanoudy
Hello Everyone, Good Morning from Egypt. This webinar is very interesting and valuable to me.
Matthew James - Energy Post
Please put your questions for Erik, rosa and the rest of the panel in the Q and A. Thanks you
Filipa Ferreira
What are the expected LCOH2 in Spain?
Daniel Muthmann
On that Topic: check out yesterday's press release of HyDeal Espana....
Filipa Ferreira
Could you please send the link?
Daniel Muthmann
one sec...will look up
Rosa Puentes Fernandes
Daniel Muthmann
thx ;-)
Behzad Behdani
I like the international perspective of book; especially since a fundamental transition in energy systems and in particular to green hydrogen cannot be a national initiative. It is also good to share the efforts, experiences and resources.
Matthew James - Energy Post
Please put your questions for Nesma in the Q and A tab. Thank you
Anjana Das
Morocco has a great institution on Hydrogen headed by Badr Ikken
Filipa Ferreira
Thank you for the link. I quickly read it. The LCOH isn't there. Would be good to share what's the expected one.
Rosa Puentes Fernandes
Hi Filipa, yes, "HyDeal Ambition" has the aim of delivering 100% green hydrogen across Europe at €1.5/kg before 2030
Anjana Das
Electrolyser consumes about 50-60 kWh per kg of hydrogen, so if green electicity cost about 2 cent per kWh (UAE, India it is close, Saudi etc), green electricity component of H2 cost is about 1 USD per kg, remaining of LCOH comes from CAPEX and OPEx of electrolyser.
Georg Rute
Here's a good article on the price of hydrogen https://www.euractiv.com/section/energy/opinion/what-is-the-real-cost-of-green-hydrogen/
Anjana Das
Namibia supplies nuclear fuel to some nuclear power countries
Anjana Das
I think Australia also exports nuclear fuel for power although it does not have nuclear power
Filipa Ferreira
Rosa, "delivering of €1.5/kg" can be interpreted as the sale price. Given LCOH' relevance would be good to have that clearly specified.
Anjana Das
With land of 9 million sq km and only 20 million people, Australia has all land for solar PV
Matthew James - Energy Post
Please put your questions for Oghosa and David - and the rest of the panel - in the Q and A tab. Thanks for all your questions so far. Q and A will begin in moment.
Daniel Muthmann
The challenge of Australia to replace GDP from Sales of fossil fuels is an even bigger challenge for many countries in Africa, the Middle East, Russia etc. In contrast to Australia in these countries the share of GDP from Sales of oil and gas is much higher and losing this income stream without having had the time to transition into a new future will threaten welfare and stability. That is something policy makers really have to keep in mind...also on a global scale.
Filipa Ferreira
Congrats for putting together all those stories. What was your criteria on the selected countries?
Rosa Puentes Fernandes
Erik and I reached to our network and got many positive answers - eventually these 27 countries are the ones that materialised
Filipa Ferreira
What a shame Portugal isn't there.
Filipa Ferreira
would be good, too.
Daniel Muthmann
Unfortunately I have to run to the next meeting - thanks for inviting me. Great initiative and simulus from this! Good work guys!
Akos Ersek
I have concerns for the availability of fresh water in locations where abundant renewable electricty is available for producing hydrogen. Can you comment on this?
Rosa Puentes Fernandes
Hi Akos, you can check IRENA Figure 5.3 Water consumption of hydrogen in 2050 compared with selected sectors today(billion cubic metres) - Nice illustration to understand the scale of the water needed: https://irena.org/-/media/Files/IRENA/Agency/Publication/2022/Jan/IRENA_Geopolitics_Hydrogen_2022.pdf
Salem Alhajraf
Hi, This is Salem from Kuwait. Thank you for organizing such informative event and happy to invite you to join us on the Kuwait Hydrogen Seminar on 8 March 2022. For those who are interest to know more about Hydrogen in one of the major oil exporting countries you cen register through the following link:
Diana Powers
We need to stop moving carbon from the ground into the biosphere. And blue hydrogen does not technically boost green hydrogen. Do you treat blue and green as equivalent in your book?
Salem Alhajraf
Webinar Detail Link: https://us02web.zoom.us/webinar/82691961631
parvatalu Damaraju
How do we manage huge thermal needs of future hydrogen generation
Rosa Puentes Fernandes
Hi Akos, you can check IRENA Figure 5.3 Water consumption of hydrogen in 2050 compared with selected sectors today(billion cubic metres) - Nice illustration to understand the scale of the water needed: https://irena.org/-/media/Files/IRENA/Agency/Publication/2022/Jan/IRENA_Geopolitics_Hydrogen_2022.pdf
David Sheipouri
Hi Peter, unfortunately the article is behind a paywall. Please feel free to reach out to me on david.sheipouri@clarke-energy.com and we can talk more
parvatalu Damaraju
Can we get a summary of discussion or recorded proceedings.
Rosa Puentes Fernandes
Hi Diana, depending on the country - as you will see in the US chapter, the author sees that US is moving towards a "colour blind" approach while some countries are pushing more for blue or green H2
Matthew James - Energy Post
Energy Post will post the video in the next two days. You can follow us on Linked In or visit https://energypost.eu and sign up for the newsletter 🙂
Peter Campbell
Just my recommendation for the excellent BBC Radio 4 Podcast, "39 Ways to save the Planet", some are related to Hydrogen (Hydrogen powering Swedish Steel Mill, JCB in UK which uses fuel cells for various equipment), but there are many interesting episodes here. Enjoy ! LINK: https://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/m000qwt3/episodes/player
Akos Ersek
Rail infrastructure is the easiest to electrify - overhead catenary is a long known and economic technique.
Peter Campbell
Need to leave for next meeting, on Shell's Holland Hydrogen I project (Rotterdam), good photo of this in the first chapter of your e-book. Thanks very much, Peter Campbell
Salwa El-Samanoudy
Please, could you send us the recording of this webinar?
Philippe ADAM
Congratulations for editing the book and for preparing this webinar.
Diana Powers
Glad to see so many women!
Salwa El-Samanoudy
Akos Ersek
bye everyone
Rosa Puentes Fernandes
Hi Diana working on increasing women representation int he sector. feel free to send us an email to hello@wigh.network
Salwa El-Samanoudy
Thanks a lot for your valuable contribution.
Jürgen Pfeiffer
Thanx folks for preparing! 👍🏻
Eduardo Mascarell
Sorry, I arrived late. Which book is it please? Just starting to learn about h2
Roelof Stam
Thank you!