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NHDOE COVID-19 Updates with Education Leaders
Lisa A. Witte
There are many parents who only want to do the Parent Involvement Survey for Indicator 8. I believe it is inappropriate and limit access to that survey by forcing parents to do another survey to get to it.
Lisa A. Witte
I have requested that a stand-alone Parent Involvement Survey link be provided.
Lisa A. Witte
It is not equally accessible to all parents in this format.
Kimberly Saunders
I need to echo the concerns expressed by Superintendent Witte, the additional questions that have to be answered make is less accessible for our most fragile children and families. They can ALWAYS follow up on a second survey-- forcing them through 90 questions make accessibility a significant concern. I am wondering if this brings up questions around 504 and IDEA related to parental accessibility.
Kimberly Saunders
That actually shifts my concern to the validity of the results.
Kristin Wilson
Who do families contact if an individual with a disability wants to complete the survey? Is it provided in an alternative format accessible to that caregiver?
Ben Smith
@Kristin - Thanks for your question. The survey is compatible with screen readers, as well as tablets and smartphones. We are working with Mary Lane at the DOE to identify specific requests around Indicator 8 needs, including occasional options for paper-based surveys when necessary
Meryl Levin
Can you restate how we can view the results of our individual school/district please. Thank you!
Ben Smith
@Meryl - Yes - we have a slide coming up about access and we will describe how the levels of access work
Ben Smith
Here is the link to today’s presentation: https://docs.google.com/presentation/d/1-5utrO3Uy4d-JsWrfkAuPweuPkXlX2Pp6VPoNbHOyK4/edit#slide=id.gcd86758465_0_0
Kathleen Murphy
How were the questions decided for the survey and who made those decisions
Albert Lee
[Today’s Slides] https://docs.google.com/presentation/d/1-5utrO3Uy4d-JsWrfkAuPweuPkXlX2Pp6VPoNbHOyK4/edit#slide=id.gcd86758465_0_0[To login to your account, click the link here:] https://secure.panoramaed.com/District Leaders: [If you cannot access this platform or have access to the incorrect school(s), please email ]support+nhdoe@panoramaed.com with your relevant districts.School Leaders: [If you cannot access this platform or have access to the incorrect school(s), please complete the following form ]https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLScHBDb7czlbWCDoKxsHXTxNmBGBVIrcecu1QRi8_Mfq9QVI3Q/viewform
Marion Anastasia
Can you send the link(s) that we send out to families, staff, and community? Is it one link, or 3?
Rebecca Fredette
Marion the links to the survey?
S. MacDonald
I understand the different plans. Are you requiring the template or just the district plan
Since many schools created re-opening plans for the 20-21 school year, what are we asking the public to comment on?
Kirk Beitler
can we just post our reopening (20-21) plan and not use the template
Amy Bottomley
Where can we find that in writing? Masks and vaccine tethering?
Christopher Bond
Christopher.G.Bond@doe.nh.gov (603)931-2241
Christopher Bond
Amy, it is addressed in the TA, linked above. It will also be sent out later today or tomorrow.
Amy Bottomley
MIchael Bessette
Question for Mr. Bond: Tethering individuals is not the same as masking all correct? Should a school continue to mask ALL students and staff indoors, then this exclusion is removed - correct?
Christopher Bond
Not the same, correct