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Reopen Child Care KY (May 12) #3 - Shared screen with speaker view
Bradley Stevenson
not yet
Benjamin Gies
Will Limited Duration Centers be extended prior to June 15th? With Kentucky's economy opening throughout May and June, more workers will need access to child care beyond the essential workers receiving child care at LDCs.
Benjamin Gies
Thank you, Bradley.
Heather Goeing
will licensing adjust what they look for during this time? example: will we get wrote up for not having play food or soft blocks?
Heather Goeing
always have in writing to protect ourselves and our centers.
Heather Goeing
centers will not be able to follow these recommendations on limited capacity. If we are at full capacity there is a better ability to follow
Heather Goeing
do you have any info on the governor allowing Toyota to open their center since they are opening the factory? I know there is/will be legal action taken regarding this? Why are big business having different guidelines and timelines?
Heather Goeing
Our center will not be raising tuition
Heather Goeing
agree with beth