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Virtual Race Camp: Learning from Events that Transitioned to Virtual - Shared screen with speaker view
Rich Harshbarger
@Les, Hyatt Regency
Johan Tigér
I just want to say good evening from Sweden and thank you for doing these webinars. Looking forward to hearing these three stories.
Gwyn Taylor
how sizeable were the packets?
Rich Harshbarger
For Amy: Ken Polleck 04:16 PMFor Shamrock, did you ask every runner to respond in some way? (Like filling out a form to request medal shipment?) We at Tobacco Road are still having trouble getting responses to select a deferral option. ...like 15% people aren't responding to email, social media, etc. Like they evaporated off the planet.
Ken Polleck
Tobacco Road (March 15 in Cary, NC) sent our race swag out via USPS in a 10"x13" mailer for about $5.50 each. A lot of manual work with numerous various errors.
Victoria Patrick
Can you please give examples of how you engaged kids during your event? Our Girls on the Run 5K is for children. We want to engage social media, but we also have kids without access to technology. Any advice?
Johan Tigér
Tanner, can you share a link to the movie?
Virgil Andrew
Good evening from Nice, France. Such positive, inspiring stories and great advice.
Michelle Passi
How was the feedback - no refund and not getting swag?
Debbie Beauchene
Here's the link to Ragnar video - https://www.facebook.com/TheRagnarRelaySeries/videos/2743468762552776/
Ken Polleck
It would be interesting to poll attendees (after this event) to know what options all the different races offered--free swag, priced swag, reschedule in 2020, deferral to 2021 (or later), full refunds, partial refunds, etc. ..and how many runners were successful in getting their payment back after challenging the credit card charges.
Rich Harshbarger
Anonymous Attendee 04:23 PMAny things that worked to highlight sponsors and partners? Or neighborhoods and the city along the actual race course?
Nicole Zinn
Would love app recommendations for small race.
Jenna Ginsberg
@Nicole:Lets Do ThisRunSignUp (race Joy)RunKeeperAre all valid options for small eventsThe ease of use will depend on your reg platform
Noah Bloom
Great point about the NBA and VR! Yes, how close do you think virtual races could get to a real race, like if we could all waive a magic wand?
Nicole Zinn
@Jenna ThanQ!
Leonard Adler
Hi Nicole — I’m assisting smaller races with setting up virtual events. What is the best way to follow-up?
Nicole Zinn
@Leonard - nicolezinn@gmail.com
Noah Bloom
@Nicole, we at RunGo are offering our app, voice guided race route, leaderboard, and form all at no charge in 2020. Happy to help if you like.
Nicole Zinn
@Noah - Thank you, will check out. Much depends on NM opening up to out of state travel.
Ken Ellingsen
Has Ragnar seen any events that have been affected so they may not be able to continue in the following year? If so are you offering any extra options for participants that were seeking to defer to 2021?
Cari Hall
@Amy - did you send packages to the same address in the same package, or did you send each individually?
Noah Bloom
@Nicole, of course! You can now also run the course virtually from anywhere
Leonard Adler
@Nicole, Thanks. Will send an e-mail later today.
Rich Harshbarger
@Gary: am pretty sure the cost of mailing…
Jules McCormick
Thank you all. Really appreciate you doing these and answering our questions!