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Empowering urban adolescent mothers using digital tools - Shared screen with speaker view
Sara Holtz
Welcome to our webinar. Thanks for attending. We'll share the recording and slides on our Urban Health Community of Practice webinar page https://www.harpnet.org/urban-health-community-of-practice-webinars/
Sara Holtz
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Sara Holtz
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Sathy Rajasekharan
@Yoseph, (1) phone ownership is quite high in Kenya, so we rely on that for reach. This is exemplified by the fact that we enroll almost 100,000 mums every month (2) we also work very closely with the County and National government to role out PROMPTS. Counties are already sharing in some of the costs as well, and we're exploring other avenues for sustainabibility
Sara Holtz
Learn more about our Urban Health Community of Practice https://www.harpnet.org/urban-health-community-of-practice/ and become a member https://communities.harpnet.org/urban_health/join
Sally Theobald
Thanks all for the exciting and inspiring webinar. Great to hear about PROMPTS and the holistic process of adaptation to informal contexts and how this implementation research supports and empowers teenage mums; promotes quality of care and accountability.For info this special issue on gender, equity, ethics and mobile technologies touches on some of the issues discussed and might be of interest: https://academic.oup.com/jpubhealth/issue/40/suppl_2And also if you want to learn more about ARISE which Lilian has been referring to please check out the website here: https://www.ariseconsortium.org/
Sara Holtz
Thanks to all the attendees who joined our Urban Health Community of Practice during today's webinar. Join here https://communities.harpnet.org/urban_health/join
Sara Holtz
Find the slides & recording here https://www.harpnet.org/urban-health-community-of-practice-webinars/
winniefred Gumba
Angelika Richter
Thank you, very interesting!
Caroline Kabiru
Fantastic presentation and reflection by Drs Sathy and Lilian and interesting discussions
Amy Uccello
Thank you!