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AIF Online Retreat - Entering the Silence with Rev. Blair Tabor - Shared screen with speaker view
Laura Tolzman
That was beauty-full Rev Blair!!
Unity of Tustin
Unity of Tustin
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Blair Tabor
Supportive Readings:Meditation in the Silence by E.V. IngramMyrtle Fillmore’s Healing Letters, chapter “Going into the Silence”Dynamics for Living by Charles Fillmore, “Treatments for Self-Development”How to Let God Help You by Myrtle Fillmore, chapter “The Secret Place of the Most High”Teach Us to Pray by Charles and Cora FillmoreDare to Believe by May Rowland, chapter on “Come Ye Apart Awhile”Discover the Power Within You by Eric Butterworth, chapter on “The Forgotten Art of Prayer”Lessons in Truth by Emilie Cady, chapters “The Secret Place of the Most High” and “Finding the Secret Place”
Craig Phillips
Thank you Blair for a wonderful session. Though you, Shara and I may use different semantics, the techniques all end up in the same Spacious Stillness. Shama!!!
Fabienne Meuleman
Thank you!!
Laura Tolzman
thank you!!!